Writing Success

It’s amazing when you’re writing,
How people know it’s you,
Responding to the personal
Rather than things you thought you knew.

When I look back at all the stats
Technology now provides,
The most popular of all I’ve written
Are where my experience resides.

It seems that writing, as with life,
Has much more of an effect,
When we’re speaking from our hearts
Of the moments that we’ve met.

So, what have you learned on this day?
Can you share it with those who know?
For I have learnt to write from my life,
Seems the very best way to go!


I’m Listening

I shared my thoughts,
Somewhat disguised,
In verse or rhymes
Or words surprised.

Dilemmas face us everyday,
Choices what to do or say,
Share yours with me,
I listen well,
And maybe, as we will not dwell,
Our problems wrenching heart and soul
Will simply, quietly, up and go.

Would it were so easy!

My ears now open, mind awake
I quietly on your hearts await…