Another Day In Africa – (NaPoWriMo Day 25)

Lovers, painters, all serene
Come rolling down the hill
Towards the spot that never stops
But, moving, holds you still

Time stands peaceful, watching
People all at play
Wondering why it seems to still
And quiet on this day

Yet life is spinning all around
An endless throw of dice
Between the spaces, breathing hard
Come dancers waving twice

And feeling glowing all around
The heart it hardens fast
Lovingly gives up its soul
Fleeing from the past

Another day in Africa
Blue sky and golden sun
And space, enough for everyone
Life can be so much fun!


Sing with Purpose – NaPoWriMo Day 16

People came and sang with me,
Voices heightened, voices free,
Songs of hope and songs of praise,
Songs that touched the soul amazed.

They came in groups, they came alone,
Some came with wings and some with stone,
But all came breathing hard and fast,
Waiting for their note to last.

To reach on high for heights divine,
To take them far, with hearts in line,
Find places pure, where souls are free,
To follow their eternity.

Joining others, sharing depth,
In shady courts with guileless breath,
Meeting those who speak their truth,
In language strong and full of youth.

For all there know to be their best,
To shine and reach for light so blessed,
You listen for the echo deep,
Of resonating sound and reap

Tones so pure, beyond our ken,
Music made for souls of men,
Feel their purpose, know their way,
Guiding strong through every day.

Light and laughter, love perplexed,
Each moment shared endures the next,
To rise above small, petty cares,
And take the chance that’s offered there.

Yes! We will!

Infinite Movement – NaPoWriMo Day 9

Flying fast, no-one could see,
The larger, greater part of me,
Or is it smaller? I don’t know,
How do you define a soul?

Quicker, smaller, more intense?
Wider, in a broader sense?
Feeling, touching, joining all,
Part of everything, great and small.

I could go on but wonder not,
Accept this as a way to know,
To feel within your very heart,
There’s something infinite on the go.

Writing Fiction

Writing fiction tears my heart from me,
Rips it right away,
Throws it on the discard pile,
To rot another day.

I try so hard to write some sense
That people might enjoy,
Yet find within my very self
A path without employ.

It costs me dearly, this path I wrought
With heart and mind and soul.
Spent I lie, all tossed and turned
As characters come and go.

Then publishing now the indie route,
On line, on sites, small fee,
Many readers come in fast,
So long I keep it free.

Yet price it now, this part of me
I dare to show, display,
And all the readers who read me free,
They all go run away!

I really hope that with this thought,
An experience proven citing,
It is more about humanity
Than a reflection on my writing.

I’m Listening

I shared my thoughts,
Somewhat disguised,
In verse or rhymes
Or words surprised.

Dilemmas face us everyday,
Choices what to do or say,
Share yours with me,
I listen well,
And maybe, as we will not dwell,
Our problems wrenching heart and soul
Will simply, quietly, up and go.

Would it were so easy!

My ears now open, mind awake
I quietly on your hearts await…

My Dilemma

Poetry, the speech of Kings,
Royalty of words,
Rhyming Couplets, Haiku stand
Reversed in sonnets,
Lyrics true,
Blank or free,
Which speak to you?

Therein lies my dilemma
To speak it plain in prose or verse
To write it short or narrate it long
To pour my heart with songs unsung
Let music flow as fingers drum
Rejoin the world of business folks
Live life as they see fit
With rules so fixed
To break or hide
To straddle the great divide
Or care for bodies needing touch
And souls and minds requiring much

My heart’s afire,
My torment,
How do I express
My firmament?

© Copyright Rob McShane
March 2014