The Siren Song

Elegance conceals an eventful past


Please evade the siren song,
Elude her capture,

I’ve been caught before today,
Ensnared, hooked, netted,
The whetted

Enraptured by the promise,
Mesmerised by sound,
The tightly bound

Trapped within that sacred turning,
Basking in the glow,
My heart flowed

I dropped down through darkened depths,
Following the lure,
Drowning in pure

Croons swayed soft from almond eyes,
Dripping on my heart,
Tears that no part

Listen, love, and set me free,
Trust in your allure,
Holding me.

I can sing,
Fly on freedom’s wings,
And through death our hearts enthrone.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane


English Haiku For You – #4 – Balance

English Haiku for You #4 - June 16 2015 - Hubble-Image-of-the-Day-Mystic-Mountain

Share my heart, my soul
Walk beside me where we go
Create pure balance


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Soul’s Heart Found

Wisps of white flow across the sun,
Light flickers over land,
I seek for you.

In the many hearts of the one,
I softly find your hand,
We touch on cue.

Lightning crackles, thunder cracks,
Aeons split apart,
They are now

But the blink of an eye,
My soul has found its heart.


© Copyright 2015 Robin mcShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
Thank you

Heart to Heart – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 23

We Search
For a Spark of
Credible Creativity,

Yet all I really want,
Is for my Heart
To Touch


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
Thank you

My Soul’s Journey


I flew up high and far and fast,
Played with goddesses and gods,

Swinging, looping, free and fair,
Breathing in celestial air.

I swooped down low to touch the earth
And feel the growth that man pretends,

But as I passed my trail was snagged
With ragged thoughts all wrapped and bagged.

Once ensnared and sinking fast
My speed and growth could not pull past,

And so I sank where few would tread,
Listening to the living dead.

Deep within my very heart,
I cried the cry of souls who lost,

From far above, they came for me,
With thoughts and wings to set me free,

Yet still I gripped my new found dread,
Hanging on tight to what was dead,

Their thoughts and wings could hold no more,
So down I plunged, soul charred and sore.

I breathed in the mighty roar
Of souls with suffering at their core,

I wondered on in depths unseen,
Felt the cry that torment brings.

Smaller still, my soul grew quiet,
Waiting for its time to riot,

When, in due course, it took me back,
And silence reigned where once I was.

© Copyright Robin McShane – January 2001
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright

Souls in Sand



Temporary soles in sand,
Shifting, moving precious land,
Pressing grains into formation
Forcing their own representation

Until the next blast
Or wind
Or step

Then all will change
Moving on
Prints becoming
Naught but one

A memory of gathered soles
Picture perfect

All made whole

Different in form
Yet the same in format
In principle
In structure
At heart
At soul

The sole’s soul
Or the soul’s sole?

Temporarily created
By pathways routed
On a shifting base

Each grain whole

Yet, together a pattern
A form in being
For as long as it lasts.

Life in an hourglass
With no glass
No hour
No boundaries
But those which exist
In the moment
For the moment
A perfect unison

What a joy!


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

All rights reserved

Needs or Wants

Wonder not what have I got,
What car, what house, what tree,
But look towards the deeper side,
The me eternally.

Who cares the trappings,
Chattels and goods?
When reaper calls
What goes understood?

Memories of love,
Touches of heart,
Universe music,
Songs to depart.


© Copyright Robin McShane – June 2014

My Universal Prayer

In solitude and peace I lay,
With silence and with faith I pray,
To ask for Universal Truth,
Of inner knowing, beyond proof.

Love of soul, love of life,
Care for all, release the strife,
Be my guidance, be my heart,
Remind my purpose at each day start.

Help me to be more aware
Of choices, all potential there,
In every moment that I live,
Guide me of my soul to give.

Answer insight, love divine,
Give to life the strength that’s mine,
See beyond mind’s endless sweep,
Feel beneath for reasons deep.

Call to spirit, call to soul,
Call to life’s blood, call to know,
Far beyond the Earth’s confine,
Being’s heart and soul define.

Savour inner beauty deep,
Sense surrender as to sleep,
Share my soul, the greater part,
Sure of other half and heart.

Feel the beauty, feel the pain,
Live to never be the same again,
Direct with purpose to fulfill
The reason of my inner will.