Note: Time Is Not On My Side


Time is sliding
Slipping fast,
I try to hold it
Make it last,
Yet it refuses
Eludes my grasp,
Leaves me shattered
Heard to gasp,
So much to do
Before it’s past,

Whoops…too late!


A simple way to let you all know that I am standing back a little from the blogging world for a while. I’m not disappearing completely as I really enjoy reading all your posts and so appreciate all your likes and follows on mine and the comments and conversations.

However, my trilogy is now demanding more and more of my time and me. ‘The MageStaff’ has become the middle book – with a prequel and a sequel (all Visionary fiction in fantasy style) in progress. Keeping everything flowing and ‘tight’ with character and plot progression all in sequence that relates to the already published book and ‘works’, has become quite a challenge – but great fun!

I will still be appearing on this blog and yours – just not as regularly or as often as before.

Of course, this may make for better poetry from my side! 🙂

So, please don’t forget me or write me off. I will be seeing you all soon! 🙂