Rainbows and Darkness

rainbow 3

Vibrant light flew the nest,
Letting colours go,
Forming rainbows streaking far,
Wherever storm clouds glowed.

Mother Light stood proud and tall,
Offspring doing well,
Humans sat and stared in awe,
At rainbows forming tall.

Except for one, as dark as night,
Sucking in the light around,
Then turning back to mother light,
Bellowed, sucked itself to ground.

There’s always one in beauty’s park,
Thinks it’s greater than the rest,
Yet, truly, in the course of things,
Only brings itself to less.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


The Sandbox Of Belief


In the sandbox of life,
Like children we play,
Who wins and who loses?
Who climbs and who’s flayed?

I’ll climb to the top,
It’s all mine to keep,
Each grain, every piece,
I’ll hold ’til I weep.

I’ll use what I will,
Build a castle I must,
Become King of it all,
Never fall to the dust,

It’s mine, it’s all mine,
All mine ’til I die,
Then I’ll take it all with me,
To my place in the sky,
Where sandboxes are big,
And the children all small,
Where I’ll rule forever,
O’er the short and the tall,
And the hand from above,
As it reaches for me,
I’ll swat like a fly,
‘Coz I’m King … and I’m free!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Ego’s Pride – (NaPoWriMo Day 28)

Ply your trade
Along highways wide
Find a way
Through ego’s pride

Living life from outside in
Accepting all that’s said
Perceptions, expectations
Closing inner dead

Souls cry out in torment
Purpose unfulfilled
Living life in torrents
Meaning often killed