Early Morning Thoughts


Early Morning Thoughts - June 6 2016

I’m still asleep
In this cold leg of dawn
Running where my legs won’t carry me



English Haiku #16

Nightly dreams take sway
Holding darkness tight from light
‘Til dawn breaks the dream


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

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Of Sleep, Dreams And History – NaPoWriMo2016 – Day 3 (not to prompt)


Chasing hard through sunlit streams,
Elusive fragments of nightmare dreams,
Sleep has gone, I lie awake,
Sifting memories, what to leave, what to take?
Wine soaked blood running up my veins,
A night of pleasure – yet again!
The morning after, what a drag,
History released, now out of the bag,
Tried to hold the purse strings tight,
Subconsciously, one heck of a fight,
Then alcohol declared a winner,
And now I feel the bigger sinner.
What to do but accept my fate,
Down the first before it gets too late?
The cock has crowed, the sun has risen,
Will someone help me out of my prison?
I made this bed I now lie deep,
So shrug my shoulders and back to sleep.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Life On The Sea – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 3 (out of prompt)

Sailing ship - morguefile

He sails the seas seven,
Now calls them his home,
Turns his back to the land,
Feels freedom to roam,
Yet being neither Captain,
Nor first or second mate,
Finds his new freedom
Swiftly under constraint,
So much to do all through the day,
So little time to up and to stray,
No say on the heading,
Though a world to explore,
Just scrubbing and cleaning,
More and still more.

His sea-locked land soon loses its charm,
At next port he reckons he’ll jump the yard arm,
Find his own ship to steer, to navigate,
Take on loads to suit his own plate,
Never be driven by prices and costs,
Just keep his end up, regardless of loss.

His dream shatters fast as the bell rings again,
More work to do, more scrubbing, more pain,
His face tells his tale as the Captain walks past,
Who orders him hung from the main, tallest mast.

Early days sailing, not for the faint heart,
Salted meats, biscuits and rum, for a start,
Long days on the rope or climbing up high,
Scrubbing the wood, tying the tie,
No dreams of new lands to be seen, tasted, heard,
But endless seawater and lonely seabirds.


With thanks to Cynthia Jobin at littleoldladywho.net
for your insight and help – the line is much better!
Cynthia is a superb poet, her site well worth a visit.

© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement

Plains of Africa

Summer rains have fallen,
The deluge just begun,
The brown of winter lifting,
Green leaves sprout for sun.

Landscapes change, as every year,
Desolation falling fast,
As nature begins painting,
The canvass endless, vast.

Land stretching to infinity,
Rolling from the eye,
Touching  heart and soul,
Reaching for the sky.

Dead brown plains of Africa,
Bursting with new life,
Show naturally how dreams evolve,
Sweetness, brightness, light.

Following Dreams

Dreams came insubstantial,
Translucent, misty things,
Made in tumult,
Crushed in fear,
Bathed in shadows,
Washed in tear,
Never seeing light of day,
Too much clutter in the way,
How to live and what to do
When living drains the life from you?

Choose to follow, arms outstretched,
Live the moment, fully entrenched,
Feel each heartbeat, love each breath,
Move purposely forward, step by step.

Moments chosen carefully,
Thoughts placed gently out,
Will benefit each one alive,
There really is no doubt,
Create a stronger field,
For each of us to be,
Pursue the life we chose,
To fulfil our spiritual need,
Guide us up our purpose path,
Towards our chosen dream,
Lead us by the hand
To hope, fulfilment, home.

Our dreams await……

Good Morning

Dreams come flying fast
So fast I cannot grab
Or hold, or remember

Except the last one
As I wake
And there you are

Shining with your light
Your heart, your being
And my day begins well