Destiny Unfurled


Where once we stumbled naturally,
We now stand proud and tall.
Life beat us down, took our pride,
Yet now we’ll take that fall.

For journey’s end is not in sight,
Destination far,
As pathway’s passage, moments lived,
Prepare for next step’s star.

Flowing through the gates of life,
Being as before,
It matters not in mind or soul,
For from the body tore

Differences between then and now,
Not seen nor felt nor heard,
But soulful touches, deeper strokes,
Destiny unfurled.



English Haiku – #9


Burnished blue to gold
Each eye shines its weight in stars
Summer burns no stone


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Sedition – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 19 (off prompt)

Take me where the paths are hidden,
Take me where the flowers grow,
Take me to the great beyond,
To places I may never know.

Hide me in your loving arms,
Protect me far from sight,
Open wide the doors of self,
Lead me to the light.

For somehow I feel frozen,
Imprisoned by my mind,
Where eagles fly and shadows fail,
Seems far for me to find.

Yet knowing, now, perceptions rife,
Each unto their own,
Should another guide my life?
Have all my senses flown?

Standing back and taking stock,
Trapped within my view,
I hear society’s cry and call,
Its diarrhea, its spew.

For all of us are culturally bound,
Tied up in thought, tradition,
Breaking free of all these trappings
Labelled as sedition.

So, take me from the hidden paths,
Where flowers cannot grow,
Guide me to the great beyond,
Past places that I know.

And I will listen to the things you say,
Give credit where it’s due,
Feel your lead, find my way,
Let destiny accrue.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement
Thank you

Cases On The Beach – (NaPoWriMo Day 27)

Cases on the beach? I ask,
Where will you sleep tonight?

When the sun goes down, I’ll rest my head,
And there will be my bed,
The soft, white sand my mattress, the stars my silken sheet,
The soft moon’s glow, with soothing beams
Will ease my aching feet.

As the wind begins to whisper and the waves come rolling in,
The music of the Universe will free my soul to sing.
Far and wide I’ll travel before the break of day,
To special places close at hand and others far away.
And, when my work is done in this life we cannot see,
I’ll return to where I left last night to fulfill my destiny,
Pick up my rod and staff and the things I’ve brought along,
And carry on my journey until this day is done,
Taking all life has to offer and giving in return
All I have to offer to complete the sacred turn.

With these words said, he bade me well,
Turned to walk away,
I wished him well, sent him love,
There was nothing I could say,
But I watched him as he walked, steadfastly, on his way,
And often, now, I think of him and all he had to say.
He could not give me answers to the questions that I had,
Yet he gave me all there was to give, all there was to have.
He gave me of his purpose, in the cycle of his time,
And I, in turn, more quietly, gave to him of mine.

So our meeting ended, as all things come to pass,
I presumed, naively, that we had seen our last,
Then I saw him just the other day,
On a different stretch of beach,
He didn’t carry cases, nor did he stay to teach,
He simply raised his hand in greeting,
Smiled a tender smile,
Floated from the soft, white sand,
Hovered singing for a while,
When a blinding beam of light
Encased his shining soul
And he departed from this world of goods
To where – I do not know,
But I know that I shall follow,
One day, as is my turn,
When I have given all that I can give
And taken in return.

© Copyright Robin McShane