Creative…Or Not?

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I am drowning in words of disarray
Creatively sorting through my day
Yet so much happens through eyes a-double
Am I certain I’m creative…or just in trouble?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


Brain’s All A-Fog – Poetry 201 – Day 5

Quick repartee, not my style anymore,
Mine’s disappeared, less thought, lost it’s core,
In days now gone by I could joust with the best,
Charge against those who would challenge the quest,
Gallop along upon strong steeds of words,
Harness the power of nouns, subjects, verbs,
Push hard on the lance of bright, new ideas,
Piercing through armour of hatred and fears,
Parry and thrust with thoughts and illusion,
Pairing companions with hard fought for fusion,
Adjectives tripping off waterfall tongue,
Cascading to whirlpool of banter and fun.

But now my brain’s foggy, lies dank, dark and cold,
Slowed by these lesions, some new and some old,
Blocking the impulses, stopping their run,
Conduction now frozen, icing the pun,
Nerves lying exposed, fragile and broken,
Crushed, severed lines where words can’t be spoken.

Saliva slow meanings now drool from my lips,
This well worn out fool left begging for tips,
Or an ancient Great Dane, run ragged, used up,
Whose only enjoyment is slurping from cup,
Together we mourn the loss of our way,
As one we adapt to a much slower day,
Relating the new to the way that we were,
The old me has left now, Goodbye and Adieu!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blogs copyright statement

Day 5 – Prompt: Fog; Form: Elegy; Device: Metaphor

This was a challenge as I wrote a poem, then realised it needed to be elegiac couplets! Was a challenge to then edit it to that form! Phew! Think I strained my foggy brain! 🙂

So chuffed – started the day with a ‘Like’ from Ben for yesterday! YAY!! Thanks Ben – means a huge amount to me copmong from you – made my day!! 🙂

New Med – The End?

Brain fog
Comes and goes
How long it stays
No-one knows

Now I wonder
Why I dream
While life passes by
I have no steam

I sit and write
Words tumble out
Yet make no sense
Just roll about

I don’t feel tired
But when I write
I can see my mind
Is not quite right

The better words
With meaning deep
Seem so elusive
Fly away quick

So here I try
To make some sense
While brain keeps clearing
All the mess

In a week two
It could be back
Yet next week
We try a new track

A brand new med
To slow the rot
Reactions though
We know not what

So, if next week
I am not here
Please just know
I went with good cheer!

© Copyright Robin McShane – October 2014
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright

Morning Rising The MS Way

Tiredness walks like mist through my mind
Playing with the edges,
Clouding the thoroughfares
Stroking senses unexplored
Firing plexuses I didn’t even know I had

Reality shifts
Daylight dawns
Ragged cloths of memories and perceptions
Drift like floating islands across my brain

A good space to stay wrapped in the blankets
Sprawled in decadent folds
For the day

Until brain fires, legs jump
As if strings are attached
And someone is enjoying the game

‘Get up, get up!’
As if there was a choice…

A New Me…Whoopee!

Misty brain fog dissipates,
Clarity prevails,
Life so grey and dark before
Divine, sublime, now hails.

Disease or drug related,
From other choices made,
The old pathway has disappeared
Abused, destructing, staid.

The one that I’m now standing on
Is open, fun and free.
Exciting opportunities
Are waiting there for me!

I can’t wait… Whoopee!

© Copyright Robin McShane – June 2014
All Rights Reserved