Wish On A Bird

Bright of eye
Sharp of beak
Oh how I wish
You could speak



Met In The Garden


Today, in the garden,
He came in fast,
Settling lightly,
Quietly, on the rock,
I almost didn’t see him.

Hopping down to the grass,
Then up to the edge of the big silver tub,
The one with the new seeds,
He dropped inside,
Ducked his head,
Perked it up,
Ducked again,
Sprang back to the rim,
Flicked it from side to side
Then flew up to the tree.

There, on the third branch from the bottom,
Between the new shoots,
He waited a while,
Eyes watching,
Aware and ready,
For what I was not sure,
I’ll never know.

On a whim,
He flew away,
Job done.

Until tomorrow
Then, young friend,
Until tomorrow.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Last Breath – NaPoWriMo 2015 – Day 27 (to prompt!)

with me
through the garden,

my hand,
prevent my fall,

the process
through it all,

with me
on the patio,

Watch birds playing
Catch last breath


Today’s prompt: “It’s the hay(na)ku)….a variant on the haiku. A hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words. You can write just one, or chain several together into a longer poem.” Maureen directs us to Vince Gotera who ends his with a couplet of three words per line to create a hay(na)ku sonnet. Simple yet effective, yes?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

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He Visited Again Today

weaver to nest zoom 2 - sept 2014


He visited again today,
Fussing over all the bits.
I didn’t mind,
He’s built that way,
Has a need
That everything fits.

Picking up the little strands,
Testing strength,
‘Look! No Hands!’.
One quick flap,
Up he goes,
Always building,
Ever in the throes.

Perfect instinct,
Industrious ways,
Beautiful to watch
Him work his days.

His mate appears,
Springs around,
Pops head inside,
Flies to ground.

Another reject,
He seems confused,
Lifts himself
To start anew.

No questions asked,
No need to explain,
He starts again.


© Copyright Robin McShane

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Here Comes The Day!


(Photo courtesy of Arlene Daly)

Sun pokes head above horizon’s rest,

Life takes flight from it’s peaceful nest,

Pending strength, vitality,

All abuzz for the day to see,

New adventures, ways to grow,

Opportunities for all, we know,

Here comes the day!

© Copyright Robin McShane 2014

All rights reserved