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'click here' - june 11 2015

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Beyond The Firmament


Literature pours through dreary eyes
From blissful souls
In dismal guise

Reawakens lights undead
From inner beings
Filled with dread

Moving on to other folks
Living life bearing
Burdensome yolks

It takes the load, relieves the stress
For blinking moment
Shows the best

A light into another world
Where life is blissful
Light unfurled

Allows respite, to stop, take stock
Escape your place
Of wanting not

Opens up the furballed mind
To other things
Left far behind

Yet with you every moment
Underneath the dross
The memories of firmament
Of more beyond the loss


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
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Beneath The Experience

My essence shares my being
As I wend my way through life,
Feels each experience with
No judgement, good or strife.

Gathers seeds of knowledge
In the process of my growth,
Pulls it all together
For the overself.

I find I’m often blinded
By the experience of tell,
Forgetting there is reason,
Beneath the outer shell.

Seeing what I want to see,
Ignoring all the facts,
Maintaining what is comfortable
Where I prefer to act.

I probably won’t see beyond
As I take the challenger route,
Yet surely will see it later
When it all comes home to roost.

So, no matter circumstances,
How gross, abused, disturbed,
There are always lessons in there,
Absorbed, affected, heard.

I just need to believe it,
Trust the process,
Walk the walk,
For no-one else can live my life,
It’s mine to walk and talk.


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane

Never The Same

It came
A small part of me
Creeping towards its goal
Struggling to be seen
To be felt
To make a difference

Yet when it stood
Light flew in all directions
Dispersing all shadows
Darkness ceased to exist

For a moment in time
There was only light
Flowing without ceasing

As its cycle closed
It faded
Back to a new me
I breathed

Inhaling light
Exhaling love
My world will never be the same
Nor I in it


© Copyright Robin McShane – July 2014

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A New Beginning – (NaPoWriMo Day 29)

Soul-light lights her from within,
On course for target,
Win, win, win!

As arrow from her bow shot forth,
Her love hits home,
Inspires my worth.

She holds me tight, calms my fears,
Fills my being,
Wipes my tears.

Pierces me, my soul shines out,
Opens doors,
Shout, shout, shout!

Purpose – NaPoWriMo Day 13

Life on Earth is taking strain,
As we know it.

Finding a purpose for going on, for growing,
For being here,
It’s getting hard.

Yet purpose there must be,
Otherwise why be here?

Is the very act of being
The purpose?

Every situation touching us,
Variable in depth,
Constant in purpose.

Each person changing us,
In a small or big way,
Changed we are.

And life will never be the same again.