Whoopee! - April 25 2018 - P1011042c-morguefile

Misty brain fog dissipates,
Clarity prevails,
Life, so grey and dark before,
Now from lightness hails.

Disease or drug related,
Or from other choices made,
The old pathway has disappeared,
All gone, passed on, decayed.

The one that I’m now standing on
Is open, fun and free,
Exciting opportunities
Now await for me.

I am ready and willing… Whoopee!


© 2018 Robin McShane


Moments Movement

moments movement Aoril 23 2018- - milky way blow out

Through the strata, life and living,
Drawn by promises of more,
Down side streets slyly opening,
Tales of love and lore,
Many fractious paradigms,
New and old devout,
Moments straight and curling,
Folding inside out,
We move with no beginning,
No goal waiting at the end,
It’s all about the journey,
Now and here, not then.
Flow with the moments movement,
No pondering the whys,
Just simply follow shining
With the light that never dies.


© 2018 Robin McShane

Moons – (A Tanka)

Birthing (A Tanka )- April 17 2018 - comets fragments - hubble

Moons full blown and free
Cascade the gossamer nights
As if in free-fall

Veils part before their grounding
Clarity awaits the day


Copyright © 2018 Robin McShane


Continuing my journey with poetry types and formats…


An unrhymed poem consisting of 31 syllables (representing the Japanese kana).
English Tanka may come in three basic forms:
1) 5 lines of 5/7/5/7/7 syllables.
2) 5 lines of 31 syllables or LESS, following the short/long/short/long/long form.
3) 5 lines of 31 syllables or LESS, letting the poem dictate the line length.

Tanka, in English, is relatively new, so there are not as many guidelines as with Haiku and Senryu.  For example, seasonal words (kigo) may be included, but are not as necessary and, while Tanka may use many of the same elements such as juxtaposition, concrete imagery, and is usually centered around nature, it is a less constrictive form. Metaphor, simile, a more personal and emotional viewpoint and many other devices, generally not used in haiku or senryu, may be included.

A Moment

A Moment - April 16 2018 - dust in sunlight

Turning my head away,
I died.
Knowing you were watching
Suppressed belief,
Withered superstition,
Suppressed breath,
Synchronized me with all that is,
Until your eyes fell away,
And I continued my journey,
Seeking, searching,
Nearing the end,
Always nearing the end,
As moments slip away,
Leaving me stranded in the now,
Reality crumbles.


© 2018 Robin McShane

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A Past Crash – (A Cinquain)

A Past Crash - jan 17 2018 - “Hidden Galaxy” IC 342 - hubble

Once life,
As we know it,
Grew more than we perceived,
So far beyond our wildest dreams
We crashed.


Cinquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines.

The momentum of a cinquain grows with each subsequent line as another two syllables, usually an ambic foot, is added bringing the poem to a climax at the fourth line, falling back to a two syllable “punch line”. The last line is usually a “twist” or “turn”  much like that which often occurs in the final couplet of a sonnet.


Copyright © 2018 Robin McShane


New Beginnings (An Acrostic Poem)

New Beginnings - Jan 11 2018-pic-20160602_Mabeleng




Before your day is done,
Everything is different,
Gone before the fun, rather feel the
Inner, the special part of you, that
Nobly leads you forward to
Narrate your own ‘to do’,
Invites you to be different,
Not like all the rest, and
Grips your unique pathway,
So you can be your best.


The first of my new journey with poetry types and formats! Do hope you enjoy.

This is the Acrostic Type – where the first letter of each line spells a word which one normally uses as the title.


Poem and Photo Copyright © 2018 Robin McShane


Photo taken at Mabalingwe Nature/Game Reserve

Limpopo, South Africa

On my phone! 🙂

Note: A New Pathway


Yes! I have taken a longer than intended break! However, I am returning with new vigour and new thoughts.

Having always been intrigued with the different poetry forms, and played with a few in the past, I’ve decided to work my way through them and see what stumbles out of the shadows.

I put no time or deadline to the process as I would like to offer you pieces of quality rather than quantity and, if I enjoy one particular form, I may hover on it for a while and maybe more than one piece will appear!

I do hope you will follow me on my journey and find enjoyment in whatever comes – presuming, of course, that something of value will!! 🙂

See you soon!