Hubble spies NGC 4394


Thoughts, mighty essence,
Twirling in infinity,
Seeds life deep within.

Mighty thoughts, essence,
Creating expanding space,
Room for growth to thrive.

Essence, mighty thoughts,
Engender hope, healing, love,
Eternal presence.



The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point-Oct 15 2017-hubble pic of week - dec 2015

There comes a time to say, “Stop!”
Stand to the wind and scream it,
Throw your essence internal through the word,
Hammer fists in the air,
Stare defiantly at the sky,
Until emptiness fills your soul,
Shake your head, your whole body,
Then turn and walk
To a different future,
Carrying the silence.


© 2017 Robin McShane

Between The Spaces

Between The Spaces - October 8 2017 - hubble

In between
Lie spaces
Sinuously teeming
Silently streaming
Riches of life

You may
Find me

We shared

That’s still there

Grasping at stars
Like sparks
In the air

Hoping to find you
In each
Flickering glare

Turning then twisting
For the life
In between

Where love
Is all
There is


© 2017 Robin McShane

Life Returning (First Summer Storm)


Life Returns (First Summer Storm) - Sept 30 2017-morguefile-file000312041166-cropped

The first summer storm rips overhead,
Cannon clouds clap,
Light sizzles a momentary vacuum,
Ground shudders,
Bricks rattle,
Cement cracks,
Air roars as energy abounds,
Loosely thrown around.
In the pause,
Silence gives birth to confetti rain,
Soaking soil revelling in running tides and streams,
Blasting the droughted desert beneath our feet.
Life returns.


© 2017 Robin McShane

Spring Returns – After Summer Begins!

Spring Returns - September 24 2017 - The Crab Nebula - Hubble


Ah! Spring returns with a fresh morning nip,
Summer abates with its burning hot tip.
A short reprieve? Or a cyclic return?
Cool, cloudy morns replace sunrise first burn.
‘Tis an abnormal load nature now brings,
To a table so changed the death bell rings.
The moments we cherish slip fast away,
We speed through our lives, our minutes, our days.
What was before doesn’t seem to exist,
Yet still we hold on, our thinking persists
To make it what was, zone comfortable,
And keep it the same, rock tight with our will.
Yet it cannot be so, weather predicts,
Spring, summer, fall come at Gods own edicts.


© 2017 Robin McShane

Note: following my previous posts regarding the early arrival of summer, today, all change again!