NEWS! Phoenix Fire Book Launch in SA



PhoenixFire_Ad for print book launch

Unfortunately, I’m unavailable on the day but, for those of you in SA it’s going to be a fun afternoon!

Get yourself a signed print copy of Phoenix Fire and chat with all the authors present!

For those of you around the world, please remember the ebook is available on Amazon  – hungry for you to read and review!:

Phoenix Fire




Smashwords Sale!


Smashwords is running an optional sale on eBooks from midnight December 25th to January 1st.

I have joined the promotion and cut 50% off some items and 100% on others – that’s right to $0.00, – nada, naught, nothing! – my end of year gift to you all!

On December 26th, pop across, and send your family and friends, to and check out the promotion – don’t forget to type in my name, Rob McShane, to find my books, poetry books and stories! 🙂

Happy Reading!

Note: Release Date for Phoenix Fire!

Hello all…………Hot News!!! 🙂

Phoenix Fire, an anthology of short stories (including one of mine!) is due for release on December 20th, 2017.

The publisher tells me they will be accepting pre-orders from the 15th.

The genre is fantasy/sci-fi/horror.

I will provide more details as and when I receive them.

All, very exciting!!



Dreams of Sleep – “Molon Labe!’

hand grasping veil-morguefile191

I walked a living dream,
All swirling mist and light,
Waited for sleep to come,
Hidden from me that night.

I tossed and turned,
Rolled the urn,
Drank coffee by the gallon.

Made late night toast,
Picked the roast,
Then cut away the talon.

When daylight broke,
Through wisps of smoke,
My eyes had hardly closed.

Broke I lay,
For another day,
Open and exposed.

I didn’t care,
I’d paid the fare
Down the road of plain bizarre,

Where lightning flies
And fireworks die,
Stronger by the hour.

I made my bed,
Laid down my head,
Not caring what could come,

When from the dark,
A hand reached stark
And naked to the sun.

It frightened me,
Was strange to see,
A body part dismembered.

A memory,
A sleeping me,
I suddenly remembered.

My cot so small,
My baby’s call,
Veils whipped sharp asunder.

Shadow leaning,
Hand now reaching,
Feeling ’round and under.

It pulled me up,
Shook me hard,
Scared me with it’s noise.

No pause, no grace, no poise.

Then, suddenly,
It laid me back,
On pillow, foam and cot.

I twisted, turned,
Tried to see,
What sleepy eyes could not.

The stuff of nightmares
Came to me,
When I was but a babe.

Still it haunts
My waking dreams,
Each cry a ‘molon labe!’.


 © Copyright January 2015 – Robin McShane
Rights reserved as per this blog’s copyright statement

Fish and Chips Please

Please bring me fish and chips,
On a day it doesn’t rain,
So I can see your face once more,
Share time with you again.

Don’t matter if it’s cod or hake,
Nor chips be cold and soggy,
Don’t matter if you know my name,
I’ll still feel sick and soppy.

A feeling from my past, you see,
How I used to long for you,
Yet hang my head in shame,
When you came into view.

Funny, now, to miss you so,
‘Membering furtive glances deep,
Hidden with so much meaning,
At least I’d like to think!

I still see your dimples
Raising lips above your teeth,
Your braces shining brightly,
Stainless steel beauty bequeath.

Stolen smiles and touches brief,
Young love in the making,
Until one day you moved away,
My heart and smile a-taking.

I lie here now, all old and frail,
My body near it’s end,
Then you come through the swinging doors,
All lightness, brightness, friend.

So, fish and chips will nicely do,
Bring back the times we shared,
Surrounded by nostalgic mist,
I’ll follow you anywhere.

Into the dark, into the light,
Wherever love will lead us,
We’ll hold our hands and raise a smile
And dare the world impede us!


© Copyright November 2014 – Robin McShane


So exciting! Picked up my first published poetry collection (Poems About…(Vol I)) from the printers yesterday! Whoopee! This was great fun – putting together a selection of different styles and subjects (used some from April and others pre-blog and non-blog!!)
This is what the books look like….

Trying to cover all the bases (!!) I have also published as a softcover on (here) so anyone in the world can get a copy!! YAY!! – isn’t that just an amazing thought? Blows my mind!(yep…showing my age a little! 🙂

and for the techies, as an ebook on smashwords (here) – and that thought just drives me into overdrive!! 🙂

For those of you in South Africa you can contact me direct at and we can arrange an eft and P&P or (much more fun!) if you’re in the Pretoria/Centurion area I’m always up for a coffee, a chat and delivery!! 🙂

After writing academic papers, articles, training manuals, short stories and the novel, it is so much fun to be writing more poetry again. I had forgotten the variety of styles, subjects, etc. we can employ and play with – all the while expressing ourselves and how we see life and the world. Sooo enjoying this! I used to put many to music too, so watch out! When the arms and hands will let me plonk the keys or strum the strings anything could happen! 🙂 – You have been warned! 🙂

A BIG Thank you for all the visits and ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ that have rolled in. It’s so great to be touching in, sharing creativity, time and energy – from all over the world…my brain still rocks! Love it…thank you! The days seem to be getting shorter and so much more to see, do and feel.

Thank you for sharing this space, and your space, with me! It’s humbling to see and read so many great writers out there…and to have the opportunity to learn from you all! Again…thank you!

See you in cyberspace… 🙂

The New Road

In the heat of battle won,
In the lull before the void,
At a time the world stands still,
A victory yet enjoyed.

When a soul stands lost, forlorn,
In mists of shadow lands,
With forearm limp and tired,
Sword bloodied in the hand.

You join in raging thunder,
Take silence by the hand
And change all those around you
By your presence and your stand.

You know what you must do,
You hear the voices tell,
You feel the swirl around,
As you await the mighty swell.

As battles are but brief,
For all the strength entailed,
And life keeps moving forward
Restoration thinly veiled.

So you wait in earth bound silence
For all to come to right
As the door stands bright before you
Then opens to the light.

You ride the wave that follows,
Full balanced in the night
And carry what you need
With all your strength and might.

The troubles of this life,
The needless details man creates,
Will fall away in brightness
As the energy awakes

And moves the planet forward
With those who wish to share,
Returning to a path long tread
The new road now appears.

© Robin McShane – January 2014

Cases On The Beach – (NaPoWriMo Day 27)

Cases on the beach? I ask,
Where will you sleep tonight?

When the sun goes down, I’ll rest my head,
And there will be my bed,
The soft, white sand my mattress, the stars my silken sheet,
The soft moon’s glow, with soothing beams
Will ease my aching feet.

As the wind begins to whisper and the waves come rolling in,
The music of the Universe will free my soul to sing.
Far and wide I’ll travel before the break of day,
To special places close at hand and others far away.
And, when my work is done in this life we cannot see,
I’ll return to where I left last night to fulfill my destiny,
Pick up my rod and staff and the things I’ve brought along,
And carry on my journey until this day is done,
Taking all life has to offer and giving in return
All I have to offer to complete the sacred turn.

With these words said, he bade me well,
Turned to walk away,
I wished him well, sent him love,
There was nothing I could say,
But I watched him as he walked, steadfastly, on his way,
And often, now, I think of him and all he had to say.
He could not give me answers to the questions that I had,
Yet he gave me all there was to give, all there was to have.
He gave me of his purpose, in the cycle of his time,
And I, in turn, more quietly, gave to him of mine.

So our meeting ended, as all things come to pass,
I presumed, naively, that we had seen our last,
Then I saw him just the other day,
On a different stretch of beach,
He didn’t carry cases, nor did he stay to teach,
He simply raised his hand in greeting,
Smiled a tender smile,
Floated from the soft, white sand,
Hovered singing for a while,
When a blinding beam of light
Encased his shining soul
And he departed from this world of goods
To where – I do not know,
But I know that I shall follow,
One day, as is my turn,
When I have given all that I can give
And taken in return.

© Copyright Robin McShane