For those of you who can read and understand Afrikaans, may I introduce you to Micelle’s Afrikaans blog? I love her writing in her home language. For me, she explores and displays the richness and depth in the language and in her being. It’s quite an experience!


Ek het hierdie lewe in gekom as ‘n soeker – van dieper betekenis, kennis, waarde. Hierdie honger en dors die dryfveer agter my lewensreis. Elke dag opnuut met sy eie honger en sy eiesoortige dors wat vervulling vra.

My soeke en verlange neem my op vreemde paaie en onbekende plekke waar ek delf, oopbreek, deurbreek na dit wat my honger en dors sal stil.

Diep putte, donker spelonke, wye kaal vlaktes en droë woestynlande, alles vorm deel van die lanskap wat ek deurreis.

Ek onderneem hierdie reis sonder ‘n kaart, afwagtend om te sien wat voor my ontvou en wat ek vind. Ek noteer my roete afgelê nougeset en merk elke plek waar ek vervulling vind, sou ek wou terugkeer daarnatoe.

Ek volg die voetspore van diegene wat my vooruitgegaan het. Somtyds baan ek ‘n weg waar geen voorheen bestaan het nie.

Van tyd tot tyd moet ek opgee op…

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Following my post last week on the physical challenges of living with MS, a friend requested one on the psychological aspects. I have been trying for the last few days to write one and all that keeps coming to mind is Christine’s beautiful sonnet on that very topic. So, here it is! Enjoy…


I long for what I can no longer be,
strong limbs that move and never question how.
I long for who I can no longer see,
the one who disappeared and left me now
to tread life’s path a very different way;
a stranger in a world that I once knew
where land and sky just seem to fall away
and raging, rolling seas, my soul imbrue.
Until a shaft of light somewhere appears
and lulls the tempest to soft whispered waves
that ripple on the shore, allaying fears
restoring peace and hope my spirit craves.
The sun, the moon, the earth now realigned,
and I am who I thought I’d left behind.

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Whispered Loves

From another of my favourite poets and writers. Isn’t this just stunning?

Richard M. Ankers - Author

I captured a whisper,
Such a delicate expression,
And so quiet,
So very quiet.
Prudence told me to hold it tight,
Hold it real close,
As it breezed across
The cage of my palms.
But curiosity is a terrible trait,
A constant pressure,
And I had to hear its words.
So, I opened those palms
Just a touch,
A fraction of a whisker:
It escaped.
’I love you’ it shushed,
As it drifted away
An ephemeral dream.
I didn’t even get chance
To whisper goodbye.

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Note – First posts already??

On reading Neha’s post (forgottenmeadows) regarding her blogging anniversary, it prompted me to check when I first posted.

Lo and behold, it was one year ago today! January 31st 2014…..Where has the time gone?

A huge THANK YOU to all who read, like, comment and follow. I do hope we continue sharing this path together, it really is a great trip – so enjoyable to read so many great writers and learn so much from both the writing and the content available. You all have my respect, admiration and thanks.

Credit also to The Pretoria Writers Group, who put loads of pressure on me to start blogging (whilst I was still a member) and to Micelle for the support and encouragement – thank you all!

Out of interest, I have dug up the first posts – yes I made two, only thinking of the second after posting the first, which led to the very first lesson: don’t post until you’ve read, edited, thought about it, edited again and again and are 100% happy! (I didn’t know about the edit and update buttons back then!) 🙂

So, here they are:

JAN 31 2014 – First Reflection

If procrastination has the power to put all our dreams to sleep….
Then fear must be the faithful follower that keeps them there…

JAN 31 2014 – Reflections on Reflections

And procrastination and fear now lose their power and my dreams leave the folds of sleep, wipe off the eyes of slumber and see a new world waiting!

Time to move!

And so I did and do!

With all your help and input, I hope to continue…


Like this… The state of the world?

Gumboots and Grammar

in corner


blinded by bigotry.


bound by barbarity.

Being benignly backhanded,

blissfully blameless.

Blatantly bloodthirsty,

blithely bold,

boastfully brazen.

Boorishly brutal.

Boxed in. Bought.

Briefly brilliant,

before being bridled, battered, broken, bulldozed, buried.  

Bureaucracy burning,

business busted.

Barren, bare.

Blemish, blot, blur.

Bygones be bygones…blackness…blank.


Copyright Micelle Coetsee 2014


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Rubberband rhymes

Can so relate to this! Stunning! Thanks Tyler! 🙂

The ancient eavesdropper

A feeling
of a feeling —
a sense
sensed —
a taste

Poets with
their contortionist
tongues —
twisting words
to fit any
verse —
rhymes —
on the corners
of our mind.

In the
& unheard
silence —
I will be my

weigh heavy
on my brain —
feelings resist
change —
I am a slave
to pleasure
& pain —
a sense of
what remains.

A poet’s wish —
to be inspired
by everything
& nothing —
just sit & stare
& go nowhere
but here in
this moment.

the vastness
of your mind —
look deep inside —
and tap into your

Listening to
my muse —
lost in the
of thoughts —
I feel my
heart beating

The pupil
of my mind’s
eye —
a coffee
black as
night —
in size.


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