Notes: Release Of “Poles Apart”

I am pleased to release my 4th Chapbook – “POLES APART”.
here are some old (date wise!) and some new, some light and some blue.
As we can see from the photo of the book, a photographer I am not! 🙂 Think I should stick to words but I said I would get it out this week and, for some, Sunday is the end of the week so I’ll consider that I just made it! (for those of you for whom Sunday is the beginning of the week – my apologies!)

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer discount vouchers which I was hoping to organize for you all, so have had to go with a general discount I’m afraid – once I’ve sorted out the IRS number I need to prevent the withholding tax, I can reassess the situation.

So, for now, I present to you all (roll of drums…….)………………………… POLES APART!

Have fun…..

final cover (2) 15.30x21.50              

click the blue bit forThe Print Copy

and click this blue bit for: The eBook

   And enjoy!!!


Notes: The Hospital Swallowed Me PLUS a New Cover!

Suppressing quiet thunder feeding my life
Crushing words down my throat
Squashing ideas from my mind
Conquering sight in my eyes

I lay frozen tight
Solid with fear
Boiled broth brain
Sloshing side to side
In a skull made for more

Drips invaded veins
Drugs impounded normalcy
Dropping venom on plaques
Drowning their growth
Dwarfing their effect

Staggering under this weight
I was sent home
To wait
To rest
To recover

And slowly sight is returning
Double vision sometimes one
Jumping eye still
Still eye moves

Looks like I shall be back…


© Copyright 22015 Robin McShane


The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Relapse which started in August, and which I thought had gone through its process, returned with a vengeance and took my sight, much of my body function and my brain/cognitive functioning (although on this point probably not many people noticed! ha ha!).
So, into hospital for treatment and then the wait for recovery which is only starting to happen now (the heat here not helping at all!).

Thank you to everyone who came visiting, liked and followed – I will visit your blogs as soon as reading has improved for me!

An extra special thanks to those of you who emailed to check if I was okay – do hope return spellings, etc. were okay! 🙂

Before the relapse hit, I had prepared my 4th chapbook ready for release and will organise that next week. As a foretaste, here is the cover – do hope you like!!

final cover lulu - 15.13x21.63

Hopefully, I will be back in full swing soon…

Note: *** Special Price Extended ***

I am so pleased to announce that, due to Popular Demand – and a Big THANK YOU  here to all who have purchased to date! 🙂 – I am extending


*** Special Release Price ***

for the Paperback Print Copies of

‘Poems About … (Vol II) Life Love Destiny’

until 22h00 SA time Saturday July 18th 2015

So, if you still have to get your copy, click on the link above – or here – and go grab yourself one before the price shoots up!

Note: Paperback of Poems About…(Vol II) Life Love Destiny – **Now Available** 25% Discount **

Yes! I am excited to be able to finally release the PAPERBACK version of ‘Poems About…(Vol II) Life Love Destiny’

*** Special 25% Discount until July 16th 2015 ***

eBook and advert cover“In this next volume of the ‘Poems About …” series, Rob explores Life, Love and Destiny in his continued search for purpose.
As ever, his poems will draw you back again and again to spaces of peace and hope with opportunities for new insights and meanings at each visit.”


About Life

I Will Survive

It bit me deep,
Turned blood to stone,
Dripping tears,
Shed all alone.

A loss so great I could not count,
Nor feel, nor hide, no cost amount,
But pain a strange bedfellow makes
With guarded smacks and hallowed shakes.

And somehow life keeps creeping back,
I know not how, I tried the lack,
So, picking up where I’d left off,
I stood, shook body, dusted off.

Life knocked me down, a chance to grow,
Or wallow in a self-made glow,
With fingers reaching for the light,
Yet finding nothing but darkest night.
I will survive*


 About Destiny

The Silent Me

Quiet whispers, gentle call,
Help me feel where feet could fall.


The SA Post Office finally got the proofs to me yesterday and they look Fantastic!
Lulu did a great job! So, the book is available from them immediately (click on the image above or here) and they are feeding it into the distribution system to all the other book retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) which can take 6 to 8 weeks (barring any issues they may have!). I will keep a look out and let you know!

So, a call to arms!
For those of you who like to touch, smell and feel the book,
go get the whole experience NOW!

Poems About … (Vol II) Life Love Destiny


Thank you ALL for the support and encouragement to date! It is all so very much appreciated…


It maybe interesting for those of you who also self-publish to know that I checked all the retailers yesterday morning from my laptop and only Barnes and Noble and Smashwords have the whole range of my published writing – even though some were published two and more years ago! I will be following up on this.