Friday’s English Haiku – #52

Fridays Haiku - Aug 10 2018 - Pockets-of-Star-Formation-in-DDO-68- Credit NASA, ESA, and the LEGUS team


Fireflies dance naked
Passions flickering power
Spurning caresses


© 2018 Robin McShane

Note: I’m delighted to report that the young lady’s reading of my poem ‘Time’ (as posted July 24 2018) received Gold at the local eisteddfod she took part in!


First Reflection – January 31 2014


If procrastination has the power to put all our dreams to sleep…
Then fear is the faithful follower that keeps them there…

© Copyright 2014 Robin McShane



Arbitrarily looking back at my very first WordPress post (way back on January 31st 2014!), I found the above and remembered my plan to just post short pieces a couple of times a week!

The cycle turns, and returns…! 🙂

Note: Pacing with MS


A quick note to elucidate my posting inconsistency!

Following my return to blogging a few weeks back, with great zest and anticipation I might add, my body (and mind) reminded me this week of the need to pace myself, and, in the case of the ever-unpredictable MS,  how difficult (nigh on impossible) this is to do. I so wish to maintain a regular schedule of posting and reading but find this frustratingly elusive.

I am so grateful for your reading, following, liking and commenting and find my generosity of return frustrating and disappointing – I miss out on so many of your talented, thought engendering and enjoyable posts.

My life, with MS, has been a series of starts and stops – having to let go of actions, activities, companionship’s, friendships, and more – continually being reminded of a reason and a season…

So, from now on, my presence will be more of an occasional appearance (or flurry of them), dependent on my ability to engage (I am not letting go of this activity completely!). Hopefully, I can at least maintain the Friday Haiku posts.

Thank you all for allowing me to share your parts of the blogosphere, your lives and your thoughts, and for joining me in mine.

You are all appreciated more then you may know.

I will see you on an ‘as and when’ basis as much as is possible.




Note: A New Pathway


Yes! I have taken a longer than intended break! However, I am returning with new vigour and new thoughts.

Having always been intrigued with the different poetry forms, and played with a few in the past, I’ve decided to work my way through them and see what stumbles out of the shadows.

I put no time or deadline to the process as I would like to offer you pieces of quality rather than quantity and, if I enjoy one particular form, I may hover on it for a while and maybe more than one piece will appear!

I do hope you will follow me on my journey and find enjoyment in whatever comes – presuming, of course, that something of value will!! 🙂

See you soon!

Update on Phoenix Fire

Here is the latest received from the publisher for Phoenix Fire…..
A Note from Siygrah Books:

It has been two and a half years since the release of The Flight of the Phoenix and it is finally time for us to share something new with you!
Phoenix Fire!
This time, we bring you 8 fantasy and science fiction stories by authors based in South Africa.
Pre-orders for the eBook are currently live on Amazon at $10.25. If you can wait for 20 December, you can get Phoenix Fire, eBook edition, for $8.99 or order your print-on-demand version for $12.99.
Here is a little foretaste of the stories contained in this new anthology:

More Than a Fish by Natalie Rivener

When Myhrrl runs away from her arranged marriage and (sort of) into Eldvin’s arms, he can almost ignore the fact that they have been captured by pirates. Maybe this fisher boy is destined for more than gutting fish after all.


Layers of Darkness by Ann-Elize de Ridder

Growing up with tales of great warriors taught Eveline one thing: When things get tough, a true knight will not ride off into the sunset with you. A true knight will stand by your side through the darkness.


The Kobold Who Breathed Fire by Richard T Wheeler

The Eldkin told Kobold Nix that he’s to become a snatcher. He, however, is set on becoming a mysterious flametongue to impress enigmatic she-kobold Shi’zine. Nix’s a little greedy thing. Too bad kobolds define greediness as a four-letter yip.


Dragon’s Breath by Rob McShane

A dragon without fire? When Warheart is called to lead his house to war, he can hide the loss of his dragon’s breath no longer. Will he find his strength or is he doomed to fail and burn?


Radiance by Carmen Dominique Taxer

For six decades, Ka-Jyn has sworn to protect the people of Disara from pain and disease. But now, succumbing to the ravages of age, she must defy the laws of nature and seek help from an old friend.


The Pirate Who Played with Fire by Ryhen E Knight

When magical fire and a drunk pirate collide, things go south and it is up to Tom and Elyan to set aside their wedding plans to rescue the situation. And maybe a cat.


Ancient Ashes by Minki Pool

Dell, a troublemaking heiress, is sent on an archaeological expedition to unearth an ancient religious relic. When it becomes clear that the relic has devastating secrets of its own, she must choose between betraying her family, or betraying everything she has come to believe in.


What Remains by Vittorio Leonardi

“It’s amazing what you’ll agree to when you’re on fire.”

Cole has been haunted by his father’s words since the old man’s death. On the dark side of the moon, he’ll come closer to understanding them than he can imagine.

Successful Entry!

I am thrilled that one of my poems, A Deeper Plateau, has been successful in the AVBOB poetry competition and has been posted on their site (under the theme Hope and in English) at

Thank you to AVBOB for giving a voice to our poets!

Thank you to the judges!

This is a really exciting event for South Africa as we have very few competitions or places where poetry is shared, discussed or reviewed – especially considering the 11 official languages!

The competition closes at midnight on November 30th, so there is still time for budding SA poets to share their work.

Go on. Visit the site (, watch the videos, read the editorial guidelines and the terms and conditions then send in your poem.

Make us proud!

A Return


I’ve been away a while, I know,

No reasons, thoughts to share,

Simply taking respite

For my greater good to care.


And now I’m back, not like before,

But at a smaller, quieter pace,

Still hoping that the words I write

Will find your warm embrace.


See ya soon….

Note: Time Is Not On My Side


Time is sliding
Slipping fast,
I try to hold it
Make it last,
Yet it refuses
Eludes my grasp,
Leaves me shattered
Heard to gasp,
So much to do
Before it’s past,

Whoops…too late!


A simple way to let you all know that I am standing back a little from the blogging world for a while. I’m not disappearing completely as I really enjoy reading all your posts and so appreciate all your likes and follows on mine and the comments and conversations.

However, my trilogy is now demanding more and more of my time and me. ‘The MageStaff’ has become the middle book – with a prequel and a sequel (all Visionary fiction in fantasy style) in progress. Keeping everything flowing and ‘tight’ with character and plot progression all in sequence that relates to the already published book and ‘works’, has become quite a challenge – but great fun!

I will still be appearing on this blog and yours – just not as regularly or as often as before.

Of course, this may make for better poetry from my side! 🙂

So, please don’t forget me or write me off. I will be seeing you all soon! 🙂


Notes: New Business Planning Book

A side step from the poetry for a moment. I’ve just released a business book on Kindle which will help people serious about moving their business forward. It is on a 2 to 3 day FREE promo right now – hence me using this blog now.
I have a series planned, if this one does well, and will start a new site for them then.
In the meantime….

3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan

3 Steps Bus Plan Cover 12a-jpg with border

There are many ways to write a business plan. However, BEFORE a plan is written, this book shares a dynamic, powerful and effective technique which brings the Key Actions needed to drive your business forward to life – then shows you a simple, quick and effective way to ensure these Key Actions happen.
Your plan becomes a real tool for your business.
Should the business require finance, there is also a section showing you how to write information in a comprehensive way to please any potential investor. This increases your chances of receiving the funds you need.
3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan is aimed at people who want to take their business forward to the future.

 3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan

If your interested, or know someone else it can help, go download your FREE copy now (to a Kindle, Apple or Android device they tell me!).


Okay – back to poetry tomorrow!

Thanks all.


Notes: The Hospital Swallowed Me PLUS a New Cover!

Suppressing quiet thunder feeding my life
Crushing words down my throat
Squashing ideas from my mind
Conquering sight in my eyes

I lay frozen tight
Solid with fear
Boiled broth brain
Sloshing side to side
In a skull made for more

Drips invaded veins
Drugs impounded normalcy
Dropping venom on plaques
Drowning their growth
Dwarfing their effect

Staggering under this weight
I was sent home
To wait
To rest
To recover

And slowly sight is returning
Double vision sometimes one
Jumping eye still
Still eye moves

Looks like I shall be back…


© Copyright 22015 Robin McShane


The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Relapse which started in August, and which I thought had gone through its process, returned with a vengeance and took my sight, much of my body function and my brain/cognitive functioning (although on this point probably not many people noticed! ha ha!).
So, into hospital for treatment and then the wait for recovery which is only starting to happen now (the heat here not helping at all!).

Thank you to everyone who came visiting, liked and followed – I will visit your blogs as soon as reading has improved for me!

An extra special thanks to those of you who emailed to check if I was okay – do hope return spellings, etc. were okay! 🙂

Before the relapse hit, I had prepared my 4th chapbook ready for release and will organise that next week. As a foretaste, here is the cover – do hope you like!!

final cover lulu - 15.13x21.63

Hopefully, I will be back in full swing soon…