A Moment

A Moment - April 16 2018 - dust in sunlight

Turning my head away,
I died.
Knowing you were watching
Suppressed belief,
Withered superstition,
Suppressed breath,
Synchronized me with all that is,
Until your eyes fell away,
And I continued my journey,
Seeking, searching,
Nearing the end,
Always nearing the end,
As moments slip away,
Leaving me stranded in the now,
Reality crumbles.


© 2018 Robin McShane

Mesmerizing Stormy Sea


Silent waves bit hard,
Sucking mouthfuls of the shore,
Swallowing them deep,
Filling trenches, valleys,
Abysms and abyss.

Seen from above, the land withdrew,
Tasting moments of
Destruction, devastation, death.

White capped flowing mountains of sea
Rolled in with military precision
For the next bite,
Relentless, righteous, ruthless.

A scene powerful beyond power,
Sucked me in, drew me down,
Mesmerized, I dropped

A distant call tugged at me,
‘You can pull up now,
Eagle chopper three,
Flip, fly free!’

Words heard dimly through static,
Like fine drops of mist,
Drizzling, drenching, yet dry.

Events below pulled stronger
Than far away words
Softly spluttering sibilance.

Water sprayed across the screen,
A splash of force,
A splatter of gunfire,
A warning shot,
The rotor still spun
As I looked up,
White fingers flickered,
Nails crested
As the next rolling wave
Horrendously heightened, hungrily

Reaching for the shore,
It was oblivious of my perspex bubble,
“Wait!” I cried, yet darkness
Washed my whirling world.

Released from my reverie,
I floated once more,
Watching as wreckage poked through water,
Body spun in currents,
Dragged, disabled, dying.

A warm hand touched my shoulder,
I turned,
A bright light shone,
Feeling feeble, I followed.


© Copyright 2016 Robin McShane

Clarion Calls


Clarion calls
Carrion nights
Shades return
Sharp beak bites

A flap of wings
Lifts the claws
Moves an inch
To dying maws

Lie now still
Eyes staring bright
Morsel feed
Birds of blight

A final shove
To stave the show
Then bend the head
And under go


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

A Nursing Moment – Dying

There are times when watching life expire
Becomes an experience to behold,
Opening the portal to another world
So different from ours, I am told.

Through this feeling of utter peace,
From a place beyond our knowing,
We are drawn a little away from here,
Maybe tasting the moment of our going?

A short distance down the path we’ll walk,
With our patient in the bed,
Standing by for whatever their need,
As soon as their name is read.

Then their life leaves, sometimes a smile or a grin,
Sometimes a fight and a kick,
Either way, the final’s not long,
As the soul uses carrot or stick.

And we are released back to the world,
A sigh, a slow outflow of breath,
Tears start to fall from the loved ones behind,
Who stayed watching, now suddenly bereft.

We quietly withdraw for a time,
Respecting the need for solitude,
Each to their own way to grieve.

Depending on the person’s faith,
Family requests,
Hospital protocol,
(deep breath),
We return to lay out the body,
Just the body,
The soul is gone,
You can feel the shell is empty.

With gentle respect, we remove the tubes
That were helping to sustain the life,
Wash the body,
Wrap it ready for the undertakers,
Or the keepers.

A bell rings,
Both a toll for the departed
And a call to action,
Mr Smith, in room 4 is calling,
Probably needs a bottle again,
Ah well, back to work…


Copyright 2015 Robin McShane