My MS Brain

My MS Brain - Aug 27 2017


Filing away at arid drips of memories
My brain destroys parts of itself,
Smoothing gaps which I can’t see or feel
Until the faint outline of what was
Flickers…flickers…then fades.

Shavings fall at my feet
Where a light breeze flicks them up
And away,
Tumbling just out of reach
Until even their shadows have faded,
Experiences gone.

New shapes try to take their place,
Yet have their own space to fill,
Until the sharpened knife,
With the dull edge,
Comes around again,
Scrapes their edges,
Blurs their clarity,
Strips their pride,
As the tell-tale strips fall,
Fly and fade to dust.


© 2017 Robin McShane


10 comments on “My MS Brain

  1. Rob, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with MS. Hopefully it’s progressing slowly. You’re certainly still able to write some wonderful poetry! Thank you for sharing your struggle. Wishing for you to do as well as possible for a long time.

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    • Thanks Betty – was diagnosed in 2000 so we’ve been together a long time now! And the trip has been atypical- several severe flops (wheelchair, vision issues, etc.) then recovery! One never knows – like life yes?
      Great experiences to write poetry from and through though! 😁
      I think we all have our issues to manage, live through and learn from! 😊
      Right now am fairly mobile and doing okay 👌🏻
      I’m glad you enjoy my poetry – as I do yours! 😊
      Thank you for your comments and wishes and trust you will have an absolutely awesome day!

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