Fight For The Right


Matejko, Jan (1838-1893); Bitwa pod Grunwaldem; 1878


Malodorous sprites spring nightly to arms,
Bringing smells of a battlefield wafting along,
Entrenched in their armour neither free nor possessed,
They skip along merrily to harm then to rest,
Yet neither the smell nor the sound of the fight,
Can diminish the glory, the feel or the right
To know your beloved awaits on your deeds,
And all of your actions protecting their needs,
The people you kill, perchance in haste not in war,
Would take your own life and those who you care,
So, it matters not how or where your blade falls,
Just kill those against us, take up the call,
Then fish for some trinkets, proof of your acts,
Come home to your loved ones and family with facts.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


11 comments on “Fight For The Right

  1. It is frightening to think of war and killing as just a matter of business at hand, but indeed it must be so for some….otherwise, wisdom and compassion would stop them. You’ve succeeded in stating the horror of this as “just facts.”

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