To Two Thousand and Sixteen

Happy New Year - Dec 31 2015

In Gregorian terms,
Another year,
Slides gently
To the past.

We start a new one,
Once again,
How long
Will this one last?

The Century turned
A short while back,
Now look
Where we are.

Wars span the globe,
Life seems cheap,
Claims her share.

From prophecies
Is this the end?
Is nigh?

Or one more cycle,
Part of life,
A never-ending

Whatever is
To come for us,
I wish you
Your best year yet.

With memories
And loved ones
You never
Will forget.

Happy New Year!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


19 comments on “To Two Thousand and Sixteen

  1. This shows that the earth continues with every cycle and sometimes we need to slow down, take it easy especially healthwise. I remember in my early years of university, I was consumed with getting First Class grades that I did not take time to enjoy the scene of a different country and enjoy different culture of people. I learn the hard way that if I fell sick, university would continue without me. I slowed down and tried to find a balance between grades and play. Have a productive 2016 Rob :).

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  2. Rob: I have been re-reading some of the poems in your latest book (Poles Apart) this evening. Of course there are many that are very remarkable but I was especially taken with the one entitled “Bound Homeward”, this time around, which is dated 1983. The image of the old man waiting for the train is very poignantly drawn, and the form of this poem is so smooth. I really like it!

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    • So pleased you are enjoying the poems Cynthia. Thank you for your kind comment.
      “Bound Homeward” was one of those poems that just flowed as I wrote it (the ‘through’ not ‘from’!) and has always been one of my favourites! So pleased you like it too! 🙂

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