Divinity Does Not Rest


Old ways left behind
Harrowing pathways ploughed
Now lie quiet

Breathing, fermenting new life

Except the wanderers
Who forage white fallow
Withering fields
Seeds yet to break their mould
Free their smothered wings
Light the sky
Open eyes
And feel

But never get the chance

The followers devour their find
Feed their frenzy
Fill their fear

Love’s potential dies
Life disperses
Hollowed success drowns in tears
As hunters hunt themselves
Holding history, tradition, dogma, high
Trampling freedom, life, love
In dusty, dying soil
Under hard leather boots
Laughing as souls wither
Ignoring the inner cries
Deaf to the roaring heavens
Blind to the building light
As Power Intensifies

Divinity Does Not Rest Nor Relent


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Note: I wrote this together with yesterday’s poem as one piece, this one flowing on from yesterdays. However, on reading and re-reading they really felt like two separate poems, even though there are some threads running through both. Very strange! So, I have split them where I felt the darker side entered and made them two poems.
Would love to hear feedback…..Any thoughts?


8 comments on “Divinity Does Not Rest

  1. Whilst I like Cynthia’s comments, and the two parts do stand alone, I think they belong together. Life is light and dark.

    It has been good to think this through, requiring repeated reading. Either way the images are very powerful

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    • Thanks Derrick . That’s exactly the dilemma I tussled with – spot on! Deciding to split them and post them close together in the hope that nothing was lost from either yet the synchronicity would be maintained and balanced.
      I so appreciate your visits and thoughtful reading and comments. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. I can definitely see why you split the original poem….it is quite opposite in tone and meaning. I don’t mind the exploration of the dark side, but it seems to me that if you left it attached to the previous poem, we would forget about the beauty of the first part. The first part was about love and this is about its opposite, I think. I especially like that idea of the hunters hunting themselves.

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    • Thanks so much for your comment Cynthia – and confirms my feelings on this one! So strange that it came as one first! The elusive creative process at work again! 🙂
      Always appreciate you reading my words and your thoughtful comments – means a lot! (how is that for great English! Ha ha!)

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