When The Time Is Right

When the time is right - dec 10 2015 - hubble heic9910a

There were things about myself I never knew,
Things that in my world I would eschew,
Tiny details hiding in the cracks,
That would one day come and stab me in the back.

I was not happy with the way life used to be,
So hit the road to find a better me,
How silly looking back I should have known,
You only take the seeds that you have grown.

Running ’round the world a second time,
Never really finding what was mine,
The greatest shock, the best discovery,
Those things I longed for most, were deep inside of me!

Then the details that I thought would make life slide,
The ones I’d spent such time searching outside,
Came creeping out of cracks where they had hidden,
And now stand stark and proud, forces unbidden.

I suppose the time is right when things appear,
Although we may well wish them gone from fear,
For nothing in this world can happen out of sync,
All our lives, our loves, our being, one big link.

Which means, of course, we’re never really ‘out there’ on our own,
We’re always linked to everyone around us, though we moan,
Forgetting every word and thought will ripple through the links,
And change the lives of every living thing, like light through chinks.

Awareness is the answer that we seek,
In every moment, thought and action tweak,
So everything that passes through our light,
Contributes to the power and the might

Of every point and path creation flows,
As onward, outwards, upwards all life grows,
And feeling from within thy specialty,
Of standing still a moment just to be.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Picture of heic9910a from Hubble Telescope, courtesy NASA


6 comments on “When The Time Is Right

    • Thank you so much Aquileana – for your visit, your likes and your kind words.
      I was on your site yesterday and, as always, so enjoying myself then was interrupted! Will hopefully return today to complete and comment!
      Thank you so much for yours here and all my best wishes to you too! 🙂

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