Notes: New Business Planning Book

A side step from the poetry for a moment. I’ve just released a business book on Kindle which will help people serious about moving their business forward. It is on a 2 to 3 day FREE promo right now – hence me using this blog now.
I have a series planned, if this one does well, and will start a new site for them then.
In the meantime….

3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan

3 Steps Bus Plan Cover 12a-jpg with border

There are many ways to write a business plan. However, BEFORE a plan is written, this book shares a dynamic, powerful and effective technique which brings the Key Actions needed to drive your business forward to life – then shows you a simple, quick and effective way to ensure these Key Actions happen.
Your plan becomes a real tool for your business.
Should the business require finance, there is also a section showing you how to write information in a comprehensive way to please any potential investor. This increases your chances of receiving the funds you need.
3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan is aimed at people who want to take their business forward to the future.

 3 Simple Steps To Your Business Plan

If your interested, or know someone else it can help, go download your FREE copy now (to a Kindle, Apple or Android device they tell me!).


Okay – back to poetry tomorrow!

Thanks all.



11 comments on “Notes: New Business Planning Book

  1. Hi Rob. I’ve read a few pages. Will continue later. There’s a little mistake on Kindle page 8: All goals must be: S.M.A.R.
    The acronym SMART is missing the ‘T.’

    How easy is it for you to make a change. How does the change appear on Kindle once the book is downloaded (does a change signal a re-download?).

    I hear that a book must be priced at $2.99 USD or greater for the author to get 70% of the revenue. What will you set the price at?

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    • Thanks Prospero – interesting as when I first loaded it, it converted the T to t! I fixed that and reloaded. It has been a huge 2 week learning curve for me with Kindle. I will definitely fix it – hopefully they allow access while it’s on promo. I see another flurry of emails looming as, yes, it may require another download.
      I set the price at $2.99 (although it read $5.69 on my screen in SA – we are busy discussing that!) but I have flexibility when I can end the promo and on price then, they tell me. I plan to see how it goes and follow the advice of some of the kindle best sellers.
      Very disappointing that there is a typo after all the effort. Really appreciate you pointing it out. My download looked fine – so much software involved it seems.
      It’s so interesting how amazon is so good at customer service but appears limited to authors. The reason why I loaded The Magestaff years ago then walked away to Smashwords and Luu
      Thanks again – let me get fixing!

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    • Duly fixed and re-downloaded – thanks Prospero (although it can take up to 72 hours to overwrite the present document). Hopefully the software plays no more tricks (although it is already refusing to see Annexure D in the TOC. Aaaah, such fun! 🙂
      You will no doubt spot the few minor errors I left in the ms on purpose – a minor study of mine! Thanks for your interest, once again – much appreciated.

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