Notes: Release Of “Poles Apart”

I am pleased to release my 4th Chapbook – “POLES APART”.
here are some old (date wise!) and some new, some light and some blue.
As we can see from the photo of the book, a photographer I am not! 🙂 Think I should stick to words but I said I would get it out this week and, for some, Sunday is the end of the week so I’ll consider that I just made it! (for those of you for whom Sunday is the beginning of the week – my apologies!)

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer discount vouchers which I was hoping to organize for you all, so have had to go with a general discount I’m afraid – once I’ve sorted out the IRS number I need to prevent the withholding tax, I can reassess the situation.

So, for now, I present to you all (roll of drums…….)………………………… POLES APART!

Have fun…..

final cover (2) 15.30x21.50              

click the blue bit forThe Print Copy

and click this blue bit for: The eBook

   And enjoy!!!


10 comments on “Notes: Release Of “Poles Apart”

  1. The bark on that tree is amazingly beautiful! And the title “Poles Apart” accompanied by the photo is rich for musing….on the fact that the apart-ness is also conjoined at the base….Hmmmm…

    (sometime I’d like to know how satisfied your are [or not] with your dealings at as a publisher and distributor of your books…) Meanwhile, Bravo and Felicitations!

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