A Changing World


The Earth rocks hard with powerful strokes,
Mountains ripple, valleys moan,
Nature takes it’s natural course,
Repossessing all men’s loan.

Calling in it’s rightful dues,
The planet shifts then shrugs and moves,
Displaying power beyond men’s ken,
It changes, settles, corrects and soothes.

Human life now is no more,
Mother earth just settled the score,
Raped and plundered, from skin to core,
The Universe now heals the sore.

And man, thought so omniscient,
Learns hard and fast the Universal  laws,
You have to give more than you take,
Balance through the sees and saws.

Power greater than we understand,
Outside of time and place and space,
Watches over creation whole,
And one day corrects, removes all trace

Of anything disrupting flow
Of harmonizing energies,
Everything outside the tow,
Of life, of love, of synergies.

Day breaks again in light and peace,
Darkness gone, tumult ceased,
In light and love things just move on,
New life starts with flow released.

And things that were yet are no more,
Simply shifted to the core,
Memories, experience learnt,
Go forward, ever to the shore.


© Copyright 2015 Robin NcShane


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