Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #4


As time goes on
And we all mature
Which verses touch us
To the core?

Rip self aside
Pierce heart and soul
Remind us
Of our way to go


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


13 comments on “Brief Thoughts To Ponder – #4

      • It depends. For example, for me my life lessons and experiences made/making me thick skin towards certain gossip and insult but light heartened towards things said/done to children. When I was much younger, it may have been vice versa. Even if I was always conscious about negativity towards children, I am much more sensitive since I have my niece.

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        • Interesting how we change perspectives isn’t it! Especially towards children.
          I agree with you – thick skinned or light hearted depends on the situation, the people involved and our experiences to date – leading to our perspective and perceptions!

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