The Sandbox Of Belief


In the sandbox of life,
Like children we play,
Who wins and who loses?
Who climbs and who’s flayed?

I’ll climb to the top,
It’s all mine to keep,
Each grain, every piece,
I’ll hold ’til I weep.

I’ll use what I will,
Build a castle I must,
Become King of it all,
Never fall to the dust,

It’s mine, it’s all mine,
All mine ’til I die,
Then I’ll take it all with me,
To my place in the sky,
Where sandboxes are big,
And the children all small,
Where I’ll rule forever,
O’er the short and the tall,
And the hand from above,
As it reaches for me,
I’ll swat like a fly,
‘Coz I’m King … and I’m free!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


4 comments on “The Sandbox Of Belief

  1. At first I got caught up in the playful rhyme and the “king of the sandbox” theme, which is childlike and enjoyable… but then, when you swatted that “hand from above,” a whole new dimension was created for me…beyond social to religious. A most interesting poem, methinks.

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  2. Dust to dust, sandbox to sandbox in the sky…

    But I think I’d hate to rule forever. Heck, I don’t even like to rule over myself, let alone anyone else. So, here is the solution: be in all things a small, petty dictator, but do it in fits and starts. This is the most assured way to have the best of both sandboxes.

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