Note: A Spring Surprise!

Good Morning Fellow Travellers!
Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring here in SA and, whilst I was unable to celebrate it here in the blogosphere, I received the best present to start Spring off on a fantastic note – Cynthia Jobin’s Poetry book ‘A Certain Age‘ arrived in the post! πŸ™‚

From the art on the envelope, the beautiful cover, the special message and signature from Cynthia (thanks Cynthia!) to the poems themselves, this is an experience! I am so looking forward to reading Cynthia’s poems and feel spoilt with the plethora available to me now in this book. As those of us who follow and read her blog (at know, each one is a work of art and a treasure.

eBooks may be coming but they just can’t replace the feeling of the real thing! See the photos below….

Oh, and a quick note on the weather here – last week (slightly before the official Spring, tut, tut!) – temperatures rose to highs of 28 to 31 Celsius! Anyone for tennis??! :)…..

20150902_091738 - cropped

20150902_092215 - CROPPED

20150902_092234 - cropped

Do hope Autumn treats all of you in the Northern Hemisphere kindly and to those South of the Equator – Solar Panels linked to air-conditioners look to be must-have items! πŸ™‚

Wishing you all an awesome day…



14 comments on “Note: A Spring Surprise!

  1. Even the calligraphy on the envelope is stunning. And I agree totally, Rob–there’s nothing like the feel of a book in one’s hand. Needless to say the book is beautifully designed, and the content is marvelously rich. A generous grouping of gleaming gems.

    My copy can be easily found in my bookcase, as it is prominently placed. I am hoping that there will someday be a Cynthia Jobin section in the library.

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    • You were one of the very first persons to buy my book, Prospero, and most generous to support a fledgeling venture. As I told Rob, this limited edition is nearly sold out, and now I have to decide what next. If I want that section in the library, I need to start composing really fast. (or befriend some grad students in American Lit. looking for an obscure subject for a dissertation.) Thank you, once again for your kindness, past and present.

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      • The Prospero Dae section, in the tenebrous depths of the library’s catacombs, is destined to mainly contain thin pamphlets on the merits of Bolshevik literature, aphoristic enchiridions, and reams of parking tickets dating back to the halcyon days of the Ford Model T.

        Cynthia’s section, soon to burgeon into a series of sections–in the fullness of time necessitating a whole floor–will be lit by a series of spectacular skylights, a fitting milieu for Cynthia’s bright and effervescent work.

        Naturally it is difficult to remain true to the hope of having a whole floor dedicated to a single author’s work, and so, upon occasion, works of similarly talented poets, such as yourself, may find accommodation in some of the well traveled aisles of the floor.

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        • Ah! The images take flight into virtual 3D! Whether concise, terse, instructive or descriptive, methinks your writing will share the bright light – not the dark or even the limelight! You are too kind to include my dandy word doodles, dirges , distractions and discussions anywhere near Cynthia’s bright lights but thank you!
          Love the parking tickets! Maybe one should consider auction rather than library? At least to cover the penalties?! πŸ™‚


  2. Just opened my email and saw my own calligraphy staring back at me! You two are a riot! Such praise and support….I am humbled, and honored….especially since it comes from two fine poets I’ve had the pleasure to discover as we blog along together here, in the poetry vineyard. The season is definitely changing, here, too, though we declare it by equinox and solstice, rather than the date. Hope it brings something good, both north and south. Take care of your sweet selves. Very big love and thanks, Chris and Rob.

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  3. I agree Rob and I have told her so, more than once I think! She is right up at the top of the list for me. Such talent needs to be spread out there. She is way better than some ‘famous’ poets I have read,. Don’t know how she does it! 😊

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  4. How great you now have Cynthia’s book Rob! Mine sits proudly on the coffee table and I still have the packet it came in too! Who would want to do anything other than keep that gorgeous script. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cynthia has a rare talent I think.

    Enjoy your spring as we slide a little reluctantly into autumn after very poor summer weather. 😊

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    • Thanks Chris. Yes, both the book and the envelope are collectors items aren’t they? As for the poetry – Stunning! As you say, a rare, wonderful and ageless talent. For me, Cynthia is up with the best of all time – priceless!

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