Rebellion, Insurrection, Revolution

then again the people rose
fleet of foot, light on toes
hard to heel, quick to feel
up and down the road they’d reel

crashing rulers
crushing ruled
flashing power
flushing pooled

stretched now far beyond endurance
rising, taking own insurance
tired of corruption, self and greed
bored with politicians’ promises to heed

all their words and their desires
money from pockets burnt like tyres
spent on worthless stupid things
no accounts or reckonings

so now step forward Mr Leader
time to answer your misdemeanors
chance to tell it as it was
time to put the flames out fast

impossible, this thing we ask?
to now explain your every task?
weak of person, soul and being
now you feel what we’ve been seeing

you who thought yourself so great
above the law, the land, the hate
kneel before us, those you bled
and hear our voice until you’re dead


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


14 comments on “Rebellion, Insurrection, Revolution

    • Ha ha! The non-violent option Prospero?! 🙂
      I have always found it so sad that most of the people in politics are really not the kind of people who should be there! – of course, an idealistic and naive view. As you imply, all options where (in my humble opinion) more than two or three people are involved will offer issue upon issue upon issue!
      If you are on one of the smaller islands in your neighborhood then anarchy may be a beautiful option for you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        • Myself included Prospero, despite my protestations. Anarchy just has such a dangerous feel to both the word and the concept. As humans, we seem to always look to someone external to take control (read ‘hand responsibility to’) do we not? Wouldn’t it be fun if we had the option of off-worldly beings?


    • Somehow your comment slipped silently past me, only to wave at me and grasp my attention now – so sorry Cynthia! No idea why I didn’t see it before!
      I can only imagine the ‘rap’ that must be assaulting your senses now with the presidential campaigns building!
      Thanks for your kind words – maybe I should approach a candidate and offer my services? Mmm, on the other hand, my conscience could not live with dressing up dross with drivel as they are wont!
      What a world!


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