New Life In New Worlds

New Life In New Worlds - Aug 3 2015 - morguefile

So, there it was,
First sign of day,
Three suns rising,
While four moons slipped away.

“That time of year,”
The wise men said,
“When blue turns gold,
While orange changes red.”

No-one knew
Quite what that meant,
So we just watched,
While heaven changes sent.

Or so they said,
These men of sight,
Who lived and died,
While spreading God’s own light.

I wondered why
These devotees
Would wander caged
While God’s own light was free.

So, as day changed,
Gold turned to blue,
I held my breath,
Whilst new life came to you.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


5 comments on “New Life In New Worlds

  1. The meter and rhyme are entrancing. The meaning is very mysterious, to me. Beautiful colors, things happening in the cosmos, wise men…..then “I” and “you” at the end, which brings it to something which seems very personal. Definitely a poem to re-read and think about, Rob.

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    • Thank you Cynthia. Good to delve into the mysterious from time to time – stretch the ‘little grey cells’, bounce them around and see what shakes loose, don’t you think? 🙂


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