True Sorcerer’s Worth

true sorcerers worth - july 22 2015 - morguefile

A sweeping arc,
Across a tiny isle,
Light enflames the sky.

One man stands,
On the islands point,
Arms outstretched to sky.

Darkness had fallen,
Deeper for some,
Others, a night of doom.

So stood the man,
Sorcerer strong,
Dispersing all the doom.

Flowers, plants, nestled around,
Flourishing freely,

Neither culturally
Nor physically bound,
Feeling free and safe.

Exaltation for self,
External to self,
Knowledge beyond compare.

True sorcerer’s worth,
Twice planet’s girth,
Exigent singular mind.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


With acknowledgement to exiledprospero on Prospero’s Island as the inspiration for this
following our blog conversation of yesterday!

Many thanks – apologies it didn’t make it to the galaxies! 🙂


6 comments on “True Sorcerer’s Worth

  1. Fascinating, Rob. But I can’t take all the credit for the sorcery, as I would be feeble and emasculated without Ariel; but even without her, I’d have a handful of seeds in the hollow of my hand, and I’d scatter them freely and wait for some miracle to occur–and this may be the final and truest of sorceries.

    But thank you sincerely for the poem–it will always remind me of how our collective conversation evolved on one particular day (a kind of magic in its own right) and of how, despite my protestations, the singular is meaningless without the collective.

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    • Pleasure Prospero! I should have included Ariel at your feet – apologies! 🙂
      From seed to fullness to dust, the cycle continues and we all share whether singularly or together, do we not? Miracles in the making with power from… well that’s another story, isn’t it!
      True magic and great fun! Thank you! 🙂


      • Thank you Rob McShane, poet extraordinaire, who was latterly caught in the filamentous seaweed of the Sargasso Sea.

        “I should have included Ariel at your feet… ” or in the air!

        And some seeds, such as your own South African Mesembryanthemaceae, are already pollen-like–dust to dust indeed.

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        • Thanks (not so extraordinaire methinks – although the seaweed is a bit touchy, I must say!)
          Dare I say it?… Okay, always up for a dare… . ‘You blow me away ‘ (! 🙂 ) – both with your language and your botanical knowledge extraordinaire! I had to dive into the ancient African lore again to find our own sweet vygie! Ingesting too much of which returns us to our cosmic discussion, of course!


          • I always say that I must have been African in another life, but the exposure may have been within the scope of this recyclable life, when on some poorly planned sabbatical, for example. Perhaps my memory was conflated with that of a bushman–strange things happen at high attitude or when listening to Mahler.

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