Met In The Garden


Today, in the garden,
He came in fast,
Settling lightly,
Quietly, on the rock,
I almost didn’t see him.

Hopping down to the grass,
Then up to the edge of the big silver tub,
The one with the new seeds,
He dropped inside,
Ducked his head,
Perked it up,
Ducked again,
Sprang back to the rim,
Flicked it from side to side
Then flew up to the tree.

There, on the third branch from the bottom,
Between the new shoots,
He waited a while,
Eyes watching,
Aware and ready,
For what I was not sure,
I’ll never know.

On a whim,
He flew away,
Job done.

Until tomorrow
Then, young friend,
Until tomorrow.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


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