Are We Already Past The Event Horizon?

On Wuji Seshat’s blog a really interesting discussion started with his post on Social Media (a MUST READ) and developed into the effects of this digital age – especially on the youth.

How do they find a balance between digital life and actually living?

Is there a difference for them?

Are we experiencing such a paradigm shift in human evolution that the physiological and psychological processes going on inside the young human brain are radically different to those of us a few years (cough, cough 🙂 ) older?

Have we already evolved beyond the Event Horizon and are rapidly descending down the vortex to the Singularity without our awareness of the jump?

I have a sneaking suspicion we may have.

What do you think/feel?…..


9 comments on “Are We Already Past The Event Horizon?

  1. Thank you Cynthia. Ah! The generational misunderstanding conundrum that has plagued mankind for… Well generations, not so Cynthia? As you say, even more pronounced by the speed of change! I do wonder though that if the younger brains are literally wired differently, if humanity has indeed jumped the event horizon, could not their use of drugs, drink, etc. simply be a way they choose to try and make some sense of a world which makes no sense to them? (I am not condoning such behaviour!). The same with the public/private dichotomy and how we see respect?
    If Laine is seeing youth quickly abandoning ideas that don’t work, maybe we’re seeing youth unable to find ideas that do (for them). Your point of needing to stand back and see is well taken. Together with a slight trepidation on my part not to leave the youth ‘on their own’ if we could help! 🙂

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  2. History seems to progress but swing in the balance of good and evil while doing so.Working with the young, I see the information age passing. Kids are more purpose driven and idea based. Their decisions are more practical and less value based. In other words, if the idea works it’s good. If it doesn’t it’s quickly abandoned.It’s an interesting mix of being in the clouds with feet on the ground.

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    • Thank you Laine! Interesting and good to hear. If I understand you correctly, the future will hold more solutions that work rather than actions from habit or the old reason ‘but that’s how it’s always been done’!
      So, use of technology or not falls into a simple question regarding practical application rather than the use of technology for technology’s sake?

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      • Yes, young people seem focused creative problem solving than ideas for ideas sake – by extension technology for technology sake. A problem could be a final solution type thinking if ethical use of technology goes unvalued.

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          • I don’t think we have enough of a step-back-and-see perspective on all of this yet. I don’t trust judgements made about the elderly by the younger set, nor do I think the older folks have any idea how it will all come down for the young people, eventually. We are muddling and bumbling, and the changes are so rapid it’s hard to keep up—even for the young, who are forced to go so fast they sacrifice ATTENTION to their actual lives in favor of being swept along. (the statistics on psychotropic drug usage—- smoked, drunk, and prescribed, are staggering.) For me the sad thing is what seems like the disappearance of the private/public dichotomy….the belief that some things are private and that there is an ethic and etiquette once you go public. Because of the ease of expressing opinions, however stupid, and posting photos and info, however dangerous, the young people may not be learning that important difference.

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  3. As with every new invention we have to control the web; not allow it to dominate us. It is, however, interesting that I began blogging to communicate with my friends and family; yet through it I have gained more friends, like you, who I feel are very real

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