Entombed Free Forever


Unending side by side,
Encased in stony tomb,
A sight for folks to gaze upon,
Gripped forever in death’s womb.

Hands clasped now together,
As in life we held on tight,
Wondering future maybes,
In silent breezes of the night.

Buried are our bodies
In this dark, dank, musty place,
But our love goes on forever,
In the Universal space.

No stone to turn and bind us,
No dark to cover light,
Freedom through the galaxies,
Souls fleeing in full flight.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


4 comments on “Entombed Free Forever

  1. This is thought provoking, Rob, especially the idea of being “buried in view.”….to live on forever as a stone sculpture…the stone couple has their love memorialized forever and yet…and yet…they are in stone. The mind boggles. I like this a lot. Is this a particular historical monument?


    • Thank you Cynthia. Yes, the poem developed over the last few weeks from the idea of these type of tombs one finds in Cathedrals, etc. – as you say,immortalised in stone, or at least for as long as the stone lasts (!). Then, of course, the ‘beings’ have moved on (or so, at least, one hopes!).
      My parents often took us visiting various castles, monuments, etc as children in the UK – these places do leave a lasting impression! I lived the last four years there in Exeter which has a beautiful cathedral.
      This photo was the only one I could find, interestingly enough, where the sculptures are holding hands! Apparently a rare thing. It is the Arundel Tomb at Chichester Cathedral in the UK and inspired a poem by Philip Larkin called ‘An Arundel Tomb’ – I nearly didn’t post when I saw that but – ah well! —
      Already written,
      In innocence sown,
      Was I going to throw it away,
      Thanks for reading and for your comment!

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      • It’s funny when that happens….we write a poem and discover later that someone else..even a famous poet has treated the same subject. But Larkin’s poem isn’t at all like yours, Rob. His irreverent, savage wit makes it quite opposite to what you are saying. In fact, he supposedly referred to this poem somewhere in a note below a draft., something to the effect of …”love isn’t stronger than death just because statues hold hands for 600 years…” I laughed when I read that, because it is pure Larkin, the hard-boiled cynic we treasure for his wit and clear grasp of some of the un-pretty realities. Those tombs do make a fascinating subject….one that begs to be seen in more than one way…and your own way is as good as any, I would say! 🙂

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