Night-time Writing

Yep – I was unable to sleep on Monday night, so this, and the following two posts are the results!

No apologies as I am sure many of you can relate! 🙂

PLUS I finished editing as far as I am with my next book (78 000 words). Now to write the last chapter and add some bits and pieces and then another edit; before another edit; then off for proofreading; then beta reading; then pro editing; then the suggested rewriting; then more editing; then cover design; then cover blurb; then formatting; then some more editing. YES! I think it’s almost there!! 🙂 🙂 – oh dear, that para went on longer than anticipated! 🙂

Okay….to the first poem from Monday night (well…early Tuesday morning actually!)


Night-time Writing

I often write now late at night,
It’s when the frogs come out to play,
I hear them sing and drown the peace,
And wonder where they’ve been all day.

In plot o’er yonder, with flat square house,
Set in middle of vast brown sea,
Yet now all black, illusively wrapped,
So, is it now night or is that just me?

A very strange life I now find myself in,
Even by my own account,
Old eight to five or seven to four
Went out the window years before.

Before I bounced into this dark abyss,
Of timelessness, of pure, pure bliss,
Now wondering why I worked so hard
When I could have, then, had all of this.

Oh yes, that’s right…. Money!


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


10 comments on “Night-time Writing

  1. Btw Rob, I don’t know if you still aren’t getting notification of posts for my blog but today I introduced Glenda, my friend who also has MS. Her blog is now up and running. The profile picture is not of her, it’s of the person who set the blog up for her. There are a few hitches which are being sorted. So eventually Glenda’s pic will appear. She writes great poetry. I’m trying to garner as much support as I can for her new venture 😊


    • Fantastic Chris! I haven’t had a chance yet to check my reader but will do so a little later and will definitely be in full support! Enjoyed her reading of your poetry on your video. I am getting your posts now but check on your blog regularly anyway… Just to make sure! 🙂

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  2. yes, the devil dollar. My health has in a sense released me from that and allowed me to write thanks to my husband and Dad, who helps out with the kids activities and our medical expenses. I get into much trouble for writing at night but there must be something about that dark stillness which fires up the muse xx Rowena

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    • So agree Rowena. When the world slumbers, other embers roar into being and can only be quenched by ink, pen,… Okay – keyboard and screen (never sounds so romantic does it?) and WordPress! 🙂 Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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