Life And The Tree


About the tree grew peace,
Branches great and small,
Trunk so strong and solid,
Ah! The beauty of it all.

Rooted well in fertile soil,
Seed sown on ready ground,
Taken many years ago,
Providing peace around.

Now stark, no leaves, it’s winter time,
Branches naked, twigs all bare,
Strange remembering a few weeks back,
T’was green, full covered there.

But time moves on and here we stand,
Freezing to the bone,
Staring at a skeleton,
Sad and all alone.

Yet birds still fly and perch,
Flitting branch to branch,
Life continues readily,
If hiding in a tranche.

So, let’s enjoy the moment,
It will not come again,
Savour sight and sound,
Sun and wind and rain.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane


2 comments on “Life And The Tree

  1. Now that I’ve read a lot of your poetry, I know this “being in the present moment” is an important theme….but it’s so difficult for us to do, that we can’t be reminded often enough. The image of the tree is a particularly good one. Thanks Rob!

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