NOTE: ** SPECIAL OFFER ** Latest eBook Release


Don’t you just love Saturdays?! 🙂  —- TWO pieces of GOOD NEWS! – 🙂

If you look to your right (on the screen!! 🙂 ) or to the bottom if you’re on a mobile, you will see ** Latest eBook Release ** – the eBook ‘Poems About…Life Love Destiny’ – I’m still awaiting the proofs for the printed books (thanks to the SA postal service!) so decided to go ahead and release the ebook first!

For the first TWO weeks – ** SPECIAL RELEASE PRICE ** – (YAY!) 🙂 —- At Least 25% 0ff! —-

this will vary according to where you are in the world and which distributor you purchase from and it may take a couple of weeks to wash through to some distributors so best to BUY NOW from lulu – just click on the book cover on your right – or itunes (see below!).

In this next volume of the ‘Poems About …” series, Rob explores Life, Love and Destiny in his continued search for purpose. As ever, his poems will draw you back again and again to spaces of peace and hope with opportunities for new insights and meanings at each visit. (22 poems)

For those technically interested – it took me longer than I thought to release this as epub doesn’t accept Roman Numerals (who’d have thought?). So it would not allow me to put  ‘II’ in for 2! I didn’t like ‘Vol 2’ – just didn’t do it for me! –  sooo, had to play a little and drop the (Vol II) in all the metadata – ai! Anyway, here it is with all tests duly passed! 🙂

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Both my latest chapbooks – ‘Run Me Gently’ and ‘Poems About…Life Love Destiny’  (at the SPECIAL PRICE!) are now available on itunes – as is ‘Poetry About…(Vol I)’ and two of my longer short stories – ‘Above The Storm’ (a thriller) and ‘No. 322’ (a psychological thriller). Each poetry chapbook contains at least 20 poems

Yes, all shameless, unabashed, self-promotion, I’m afraid – but what can you do? I just have to tell someone! 🙂

Wishing you all an awesome Saturday – and some great reading -whoever and whatever you are reading!
Thanks for ‘being there’.


7 comments on “NOTE: ** SPECIAL OFFER ** Latest eBook Release

  1. Just a quick reply to acknowledge Ive seen this Rob.

    I had a massive fall on Monday evening at home. I fell onto the fireplace (thankfully no fire lit) I’ve wrenched my back very badly, have a mountain of a bruise on my thigh and a bruised and grazed shoulder and elbow plus all sorts of other smaller hurting places. I have lost a whole week! I can’t oncentrate on anything and am missing the first good weather we have had so far this summer. But if this b*****d condition thinks it’s winning then it’s mistaken! I will come back even stronger! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for commenting here Chris – can’t have been easy! So sorry to hear your story! Thank goodness it is summer for you and there was no fire! Just when you think you’ve got a grip on this condition, it slips away (metaphorically and literally!) I can relate!
      YES! You will come back even stronger!
      PLEASE, just rest up and let the better part of your body do the healing – give it the time and pace it needs – don’t even try to concentrate or do anything unless, and until, it comes naturally – and it will! Sometimes, all we can do is sit back and rest – and THAT’S OKAY!! There may be other reasons…..
      Do hope you can get into the garden at least?
      Sending you loads of healing thoughts…with love….

      Liked by 1 person

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