Sasha-lee Valadao – Passionate Pony girl

A rare sparkling gem interviewed by another (if a tad more mature!) rare sparkling gem – but then I do admit to a degree of bias! 🙂
I can also confirm Micelle’s description of this young lady appearing from the changing rooms of the photoshoot dressed in a flowing dress with butterfly wings – and her riding boots! Fantastic! Shame they made her remove them for the shoot! 🙂
‘For the birds…!”, for you, indeed Sasha-lee!

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During my thirty years of adulthood I have interviewed my fair share of interviewees, whether in job interviews, staff placement, counselling or life coaching assessments, business consulting or for news and actuality reports. The most excruciating interviews are those with unwilling and uncooperative interviewees. From time to time, I strike gold when I find that interviewee who, from the very first moment is willing and fully engaged in the interview process.

Interviewing ten-year-old Sasha-lee was like that.

I first met Sasha-lee at a photo-shoot for the ForeverChanged Project’s Toberemembered photo exhibition. The whole day was dedicated to the celebration of life and was portrayed by a group of young girls of various ages, dressed as butterflies. From my position in a sunny spot in the beautiful garden where the shoot took place, I had a perfect view of all the activities and preparations. The pool area was buzzing with activity…

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