English Haiku – #2

bubbles on water - morguefile

Floating on a sea
Eternal moving moments
Each a love fulfilled


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement


8 comments on “English Haiku – #2

  1. Being surrounded by the sea I understand its sempiternal charm.

    Coltrane’s A Love Supreme on a gramophone would go nicely with this…

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  2. I love this Rob. Haiku arent as easy to do as they at first seem.

    Have you seen my flower photo blog? The link is in the right hand side bar of my poetry blog; it’s called Perfect Imperfection. I started it a while after the poetry blog as my family bought me a camera to help me keep using my weak hand. So I take close ups of flowers and combine them with haiku or the other short form I like called an Elfje. I hope I can keep it up as I really enjoy the combination, but my hand is getting weaker. Anyway the latest one of some bluebells has turned out ok though it was difficult to take; it’s the first one I’ve done this year and Inoticed it has become more difficult. I’d love you to have a look. 😊

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    • Thanks Chris. At first, I did not enjoy the haiku – felt it may be a little disrespectful to the Japanese as I know little of their culture but the more I read and start to understand, the more of a challenge they become – all the intricacies and deeper, folded meanings (much like their swords).
      I have not seen your photos but will definitely go look – have to run (ha ha!) now so will look this afternoon!
      Hope you have a happy day! 🙂

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      • You made me smile with ‘run’. I agree with what you say. I was hesitant doing them at first because to a certain extent I think we have spoilt them. But I still quite like the 5-7-5 although it’s nothing like the Japanese haiku is it. I have a couple of the Japanese haiku books, some I enjoy and others not, but I think that’s probably due to them losing something in translation.
        I like how you call yours Enflish haiku.

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        • I agree with you – that we may have ‘spoilt’ them in a way, hence the ‘English haiku’! 🙂 That being said though, there are loads of beautiful haikus written by various poets (have you seen hortus clotus?) – as you say, the 5-7-5 is fun. I may also write more tankas as well. We’ll see! Chat later!

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