English Haiku – #1 Smog


White clouds flying high
Clear cooling breezes singing
Bringing air to die

City’s toxic plume
Piling through the clouds on high
Slowly dying breath

Flowers bloom below
Clean air not so far to go
Once death comes calling


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement


4 comments on “English Haiku – #1 Smog

    • As opposed to a japanese one! I dunno – just wanted to emphasise the difference apropos our recent discussion on various language poetry forms and ‘borrowing’ a form. I know there are millions of haikus in English, so maybe slightly tribe and obvious but, never-the-less, there it is! 🙂


      • I was only pulling your leg….I always wonder about haiku, and don’t think I understand what the real Japanese thing is. Sometimes I call mine “american haiku”! I thought maybe you had finally determined what it is. 🙂 I guess when we do that, we’re not saying what it is, just acknowledging what it might not be! One thing we do know: it’s short. Thanks, Rob 🙂

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        • Ha ha! Great answer to an interesting, stimulating thought… and dilemma! Thank you Cynthia!
          Have just been challenged to write on questions – will post in a little while – this is a question without a single answer methinks! Except your thing we do know – brevity! Brilliant! Thanks for the smile! 🙂


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