Africa – Winters Running Dry


Summer rain skips along,
Vibrant leaf to leaf,
Plays ping pong on the tiles,
Finds pathways of relief.

Soaking earth, feeding life,
Abundant verdant rules,
Creatures great and small,
Splashing in the pools.

Would it were still so,
As autumn pulls the moat,
Swallowing last droplets,
Echoing down it’s throat.

Leaving land now dry,
Verdant life no more,
Brown becomes the colour,
As pastures die to spore.

Winter here in Africa,
A dry, dry place to be,
Blue skies from horizons far
To horizons eyes can’t see.

No clouds now in sight,
Skies, they stand alone,
Life, it begs for moisture past,
Moisture long since gone.

A cycle growing shorter,
Dry summers becoming norm,
Green tubs lie all over,
Waiting for a storm,

Now collecting air,
Pouring from dead gutters,
As pumps lie still and quiet,
Not even drawing sputter.

Rationing the rational,
Choice of last resort,
Rivers running dry,
Life moves out, deserts.

Wonder not the future
For it has now arrived,
Sun burning brighter,
Water running dry.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright
© Photo Copyright Micelle Coetsee


13 comments on “Africa – Winters Running Dry

  1. beautiful cadence and meter in your quatrains Rob, nothing forced in pace nor rhyme. the imagery is superb. the third quatrain is my favorite, but the whole poem is soft and gentle, beautiful. there is a form of love-making in the words.

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  2. Really nice imagery in this poem, Rob, not just visual but sensual, tactile, and aural. I especially like autumn swallowing the moat, and the gutters and the sputtering pumps! Your poetry fount certainly has not run dry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Cynthia! 🙂 I remember studying a little NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) many years ago and how different brains are predominantly virtual, sensual, tactile or aural – try to bring all elements into my writing (especially the prose and my novels-not so often in my poetry though!). Glad you picked up on that! 🙂


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