Life Simply Is


Please, let’s not ask
‘How’ or ‘Why’
‘If’ or ‘When’

Life simply is
As it is

Questions, choices, clutter the path
Obstruct the flow

Life just wants to happen
As it needs to
In its own

If only we could feel it
Flow with it
Be the part that is ours
Without the questions

How much easier

We are human
Questions are what we do


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane
As per this blog’s copyright statement


19 comments on “Life Simply Is

  1. Well, Rob, your idea of a crying day is a good one….I can picture it…the image is such that I think by the end of “crying day” we’ll all be looking around at each other and laughing at ourselves!

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  2. Synchronicity at play here Rob. I have had (am still having) a very tearful day. This happens to me every few months without invitation. I just seem to need to let the tears flow but at the same time Im asking a million and one questions, all of which have no answers. Thank you for sharing this insight. 😊 (was that a smile I just did?!)


    • Sorry to hear it’s a tearful day! As you say, best to just let them run! Aren’t the questions we ask just too much sometimes?! Hope you feel better soon! As my Gran always said, “This too shall end!” Thoughts with…

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    • I have been thinking of those times of tears….I have days like that too, when I can weep at the drop of a hat, all day, for apparently “no reason.” I guess it’s about frustration and weariness with just keeping on, and can be about loss of many different kinds….sometimes it happens when I finish a good poem! Tears are about release from strong emotion, a mark of passion (from the Latin meaning suffering) and compassion (suffering with others). The medieval church used to refer to certain saints as having “the gift of tears.” There’s a tendency in society to say “stop crying”, because somehow it bothers people. But it’s natural, and there’s nothing “wrong” with it. I would worry more about one who cannot weep.

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      • Oh, so agree with you Cynthia! Often, during my nursing career, I was involved in counseling of many kinds. The ‘real’ work could only begin once the client had released the emotions – usually (healthily!) through tears. So, yes, worry about those who do not weep – though their body may not, I believe their souls will be!
        Saints with “the gift of tears.” – beautiful!
        As an extra – have often had to help with the ‘men don’t cry’ issue. My motto : ‘REAL men cry and aren’t scared to show it!’ – myself and my son are living proof!
        Maybe, we should start a ‘crying day’ movement – “Weep and release, it’s good for you!” as a motto? What say you both?

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