For Nepal

I have read so many good poems recently – unable to reblog all (maybe I should start a separate blog for this! Am following some who do this!) – thank you to all who write your hearts and experiences, allowing us to share heart to heart – so special and humbling. What greater feeling than to link by heart, however brief, however far apart?
Thought this one, from Richard, specifically poignant (thanks Richard). Thoughts and love flow to all in need around the world… may we all step forward from our souls, responding and living from the greater part of ourselves, direct from Source/God… as needs be…

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Wash me down in sadness,
Emotional torrent,
As the ground rises
And the peace of the eternal nation
Lies shattered.
From what heights must hell break
For us all to hear the thunder?
I heard it
In my soul.

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