Ad Infinitum

I know I should be writing and posting my own poem for NaPoWriMo – but isn’t this just so beautiful?
A sonnet to make the great masters sigh in their graves!
Had to share… Enjoy!
Okay…will be posting mine for today a little later – need to write it first! 🙂


She cannot bear to think the light of life
extinguishes and disappears from view,
so lives her days in self-inflicted strife;
it seems that grief is here before it’s due.
Ad Infinitum, like addiction, steals
contented mind, creates a restless wave,
and layers of herself are cruelly peeled
while every road and path is darkly paved.
Yet how would joy exist if sorrow died?
Would laughter heal the pain of tears once shed?
How would rippling waves bring peace of mind
if raging seas were suddenly struck dead?
She must surrender, let the earth revolve,
Each moment lived, another fear dissolved

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