Life grew from silence,
Movement came from peace,
Worlds developed slowly,
Growing piece by piece.

So, why do we now rush around,
Filling spaces, making sound,
Competing to fill places which,
Replete with song of life, resound?

Is silence a forbidden thing?
To be taken secretly, on the wing?
Or can we find ourselves a space,
Listen to our soul’s quiet ring?

Where lies the fear of this terrible deed?
Why don’t we listen to our inner need?
It seems we can’t accept the peace,
Offered with alacrity and speed!


© Robin McShane – November 14 2014

Please see this blog’s copyright notice


12 comments on “Silence

  1. I really like the connection you made from the origin of life and our attempts to escape it in pursue of making life. It is important that we take time to slow down and unwind for sanity and health reasons. I love silence, it is calming and yet makes other worry about me, haha ;).

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  2. Lovely poem Rob. My appreciation of or even the liking of silence has evolved slowly since my diagnosis and the subsequent need to express myself in words. Silence can be a best friend of mine these days and I treasure every moment of it. There is so much more to hear.

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  3. Life grew from silence, movement came from peace. That lovely yin-yang seems so lost in the total frenzy of our current days. I’ve recently begun to cherish silence when possible; there’s so much to hear there…

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