Bad Start To The Weekend!

foggy branchy sunrise - morguefiles

The weekend rose up to meet me
Open and beguiling,
Time for freedom, play, smiling.

If only I had known what was to come,
But then, don’t we all?
Somewhere, inside, we know,
Don’t we?

I awoke early, before the dawn,
A feeling of apprehension,
Something just isn’t right,
With no conscious idea of what,
I arise,
Make coffee,
Drink the tablets,
Feel the heat,
Settle back to try and sleep
In the hour before the dawn,
But nothing comes.
So, checking assignment for today,
I sit to write,
Yet it is reading demanded,
And my brain is not up to assimilating,
Processing the ideas and inspiration from another lens,
For now, all I can do is release my own,
To wonder free into the Universe,
Whilst my legs jump and spasm,
Heart contracts,
Mind fogs.

Maybe later I will be able to enjoy the works of others,
Maybe later I will be open to the world around,
But for now I can only pour out my world within.

Right side lame and painful,
Brain fog misting the coming dawn,
Concern spoiling the weekend feel.

Think I need to cool down
In all ways!

I am grateful for the tools to write this down easily, smoothly,
And prepare to share with the unforgiving world.

The world where each
Is concerned with self,
The Wayward world,
Capricious, ever changing, full of opportunity,
Except today.
I really don’t feel equipped to cope with all the moments to come,
But, from experience, I know I will,
One by one,
As they come.

The trick is not to think about them now,
Let them come, when and how they will.
For now, the sun is rising…


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

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14 comments on “Bad Start To The Weekend!

  1. I do hope you feel better soon Rob. But you have penned your thoughts well here and I can feel your pain. This damn disease is so unpredictable.

    And now I have a confession; I have completely misplaced your book that I bought! It is a complete mystery as I didn’t take it out of the room at all. Someone else may have picked it up but its vanished so Im off to buy It again. And if it turns up I shall gift a copy to my writing tutor! 🌼

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Christine! Have to admit I wrote this last weekend – wasn’t up to posting! Know you understand how that feels I am sure! Have improved somewhat during the week. Don’t want to see the Neuro as really not up for more solumedrol! And going away next week so, can’t be in hospital! 🙂
      I am sorry you misplaced the book! Would offer to send you one complimentary from here but the post is outrageous! Can’t even afford to send to my family there!
      Let me just check on lulu and see if I can organise a discount voucher for you? Need to see if I can do the same for the family too!
      Thank you so much for gifting one to your tutor!
      I’ll email you shortly about any voucher I can arrange,! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Richard – wrote this last weekend but not up to posting! Has improved Somewhat during the week… Thanks! 🙂 all part & parcel of living with MS – know that many people live with worse so don’t often post like this! 🙂 Just gets to you sometimes! Also, may explain any weird things I may subsequently post! Ha ha! Thanks for your caring and do hope you are well and thriving?!


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