The Love Challenge!

I don’t normally do this, as you know, but I have accepted and taken up the challenge from PH to write “What is Love in Ten Sentences”. And the twist- each sentence must be composed of four words of which one must be ‘Love’! Mmmm – then I got greedy (or prolific?!), went nuts, and produced 3 stanzas of 10 lines, 4 words each. I can’t decide which I prefer, so will ask you to rate them, please!

Which do you prefer – and why?

Number 1:
Love finds many guises.
Each love flows unique.
Love folds many channels.
Love lives many lives.
Love seeks many ways.
Love, filling our days.
Does love only burn?
Does love shine brilliantly?
Or burnish love’s soul?
Tranquility, love from self.

Number 2:
Love finds many pathways.
Each love expressed unique.
Many pretend love guises.
Few find love pristine.
Love comes through feeling.
Every love burns bright.
Souls burnish love hard.
Lovers polish love bright.
Search, find your love.
Stand, love finds you.

Number 3:
Love means different things.
Can love be bold?
Is soul love bright?
Brings dark love night?
Is all love right?
Different things mean love.
Can love be ringed?
Is any love hidden?
Does rose mean love?
Love the thorns too.


Oh, we also had to quote our favourite ‘love’ quote :-

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey


13 comments on “The Love Challenge!

  1. Hi Rob! Great poems… My favourite is the second one… I think that the last two verses are perfect and also liked the idea of Love finding many pathways!~ All my best wishes to you. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Such a retreat to read. Eyes closed i would opt for Number 02. Only for these two lines:
    “Search, find your love.
    Stand, love finds you.”

    am glad you accepted the challenge and nailed it! 🙂


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