deities door - morguefile

Deities came calling,
Knocking on my door,
Hoping to hold and help me
Go further than before.

Yet I would not listen,
Thought I knew a better way,
After all, I was in the body,
I could find the better day.

So they took a long step back,
Sighed and gave me space,
Of a different kind,
In a different place.

I miss them now, those special folk,
The ones from through the gate,
My arrogance has slipped away,
I pray it’s not too late.

I wait upon a movement,
To take me to the voice,
Feeling heavy loss,
Understanding now my choice.

That those who come to help us,
Do so of free will,
And when we will not listen,
Simply move to those who will.

Taking with them all the love,
The energy they bring,
Leaving one bereft,
Of the emanations that they sing.

It seems so very far removed,
Now, where I find myself,
I stand stripped and ready,
For any signs of help.

I doubt if it can ever be,
The way it was before,
So, I’ll sit and wait here quietly,
For ship to take to shore.

A different shore, maybe another place,
I know they’ll send the best,
For how and what I am right now,
I’ll trust them with the rest.

Quietly I’ll sit,
In the present I have made,
Work through everyday,
Every moment in the shade.

Preparing for the time,
When they knock upon my door,
Come to offer help,
And love, for evermore.


© Copyright 2015 – Robin McShane


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