My Landscape

My Landscape changes day to day,
Depending where I wend my way,
Fields around, packed with houses cheap,
High rise buildings, grey, cold heaps.

Nature’s world strains for need,
Grasses, trees, flowers and seed,
Sunrise, sunset, they set the tone,
Even if I stay at home.

Many days with wide, clear skies,
A few cloud over, blurring eyes,
Blocking view, changing vision,
Closing minds and hearts and mission.

Roads of rage and paths of steel,
Remind me of life’s spinning wheel,
Everyday brings something new,
To see and touch, hear and feel,
Up to me how I relate,
Reality? Now there’s debate!
What and how and who I see
Depends largely…well, on me!

So, choose the landscape you like best,
Picture it as your eyes you rest,
Then open wide with sight anew,
Hasn’t something changed for you?


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Day 9’s request:
Prompt: Landscape
Form: Found
Device: Enumeratio

How to talk around landscape, including sequential lists (enumeratio) in ‘found’ form – using words or letters you find around you – either cut out, copied, photoed, whatever?
Well, the poem was kind of okay, but the form, phew! Slayed me!
Tired and really not feeling at my best,
I’m leaving the artwork for all the rest!


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