Ode to Treasure – Poetry 201 – Day 8

Sliding smoothly open,
Exposing spoils and pieces
Of so many years,
Resting in repose,
Rarely moved, just
Glanced over in the search for
A specific item nurtured in your nest.

Ah! How do I misuse you,
Abuse you,
Expect you to be there,
Forever working,
Forever available,
Giving access, open, bare.

Inside I find the precious ring,
Hidden, stuck behind a ‘thing’
(I wonder what that is?).
The bluest cloth unwraps,
Revealing this specialty.
Memories flood back,
Threatening to engulf the moment,
Past colouring present,
Folding then into now.
Smiling, I raise you to the sun,
There glints the precious heart,
Furious red buried in your turquoise hardened shell,
Clinched with golden clasp,
Blind ring below to complete the show,
Oh! How I wish it was still so,
The feelings that you bring,
Yet we all have moved
Onto better things…
Well different, at least!

A tear falls,
I drop you back
To the folded cloth of the past,
Bury you where no-one but me knows,
Within the nest of my favourite drawer,
Protected and safe,
Covered by that thing
(really, what is it?).

Shutting out the light,
I close the drawer,
Tenderly stroke the front,
Gingerly run a finger along
The gilt of a handle,
Though mostly taken for granted,
You still protect my treasures,
My tidbits and my baubles,
Never pausing to judge,
Always waiting to receive,
And to serve.

A treasure hiding treasure.


© Copyright 2015 Robin McShane

Day 8’s design:
Prompt: Drawer
Form: Ode
Device: Apostrophe

Today, we talk to something (apostrophe) in a drawer, either describing it, celebrating it or exploring our relation to it (Ode). I’ve kind of done a double to both the drawer itself AND something within it – hope it works?
All comments and criticisms welcome!


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